The Dancerelli

In Science, we made our own creatures. Mine is called the Dancerelli. The Dancerellaiis multicellular, which means that it has more than one cell. The Dancerelli moves around by dancing. Dancerelli only wear pointe shoes or are barefoot. They always wear exercise clothes, because they are very active. They have very pretty eyes, always wear their hair in a type of bun (messy, ballet, neat, braided), and they only have brown hair. Dancerellis, look similar to humans. One difference is that they reproduce asexually. That means that if a part of them comes off, it becomes another Dancerelli.

They also start off almost microscopic, and weigh about two milligrams. They will eventually become one and three-quarters tall, and weigh around forty-four kilograms. Dancerellis grow bigger, but in stages. They start off as greats (0-12), then become experts (13-23), then become geniuses (24-56), then become top notch (57 on). Their names categorize them about how good at dance they generally are. Dancerellis are not immortal. They do, however, live until around 120. Then, we have a serene yet solemn funeral where every age group performs. Dancerellis go to school and learn things that are similar to the things that we learn, but they mostly practice and learn more dance. The adults just dance full time.

Dancerellis eat through their eyes; they just have to look at the food, and then it goes into them. They still get full, and the food is gone after they eat it. Dancerellis have to stay hydrated because they dance all of the time, so the drink only water and carbonated water. They also drink through their eyes. Dancerellis only ate junk at special occasions, so the are very healthy. Dancerellis are omnivores. They eat other animals, but they keep kosher, so they eat like I do. All other animals on DanceFanatics are protected.

Speaking of DanceFanatics, that is the planet where Dancerellis live. It has an atmosphere like Earth, and it gets hot and cold. They have seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. There are no other animals that are similar to the Dancerelli. Dancerellis live on one planet all together. If DanceFanatics is attacked by other planets, all of the Dancerellis instantly stop acting nice and graceful, and become clean, lean fighting machines. They use their dance moves to help them fight. Dancerellis excrete through their butts, like us. They breathe through their noses; Dancerellis breathe Dair (DanceAir). It helps them dance up to their full potential.

The Dancerelli

Two Haiku Poems

imageThe rules of Haiku poems are: 3 lines 5 syllables first line, 7 syllables second line, 5 syllables third line, try not to repeat words.image


Butterflies are cute.  I like Monarch Butterflies.  They are colorful.


I have an Ipad.  It is an electronic.  It is very cool!


Thank You for the picture Saylor!


image This is a vendiagram of Thanksgivikah. I am making this post with my Grandma. Hanukkah and Thanksgiving only fall on the same day every 70,000 years. We are soooo lucky! Our children and their children will not be alive the next Thanksgivikah. You can use Hannukkah cookie cutters to shape mashed potatoes and latkes.

Looking Forward To Hannukah

I am looking forward to Hannukah because my Grandma and Great Aunt Donna are coming. I got a car that goes with my American Girl Doll Julie. I got her patchwork outfit also. I got a Hannukah set for her and I got a gymnastics set and leotard for her. Those are some of the presents I am getting for Hannukah. Hannukah will be on Thanksgiving this year. That only happens every few HUNDRED years!


In The Morning When I Don’t Have School I……….

When I don’t have school I like to watch TV. I watch Disney Channel, On Demand, Hub, Family Game Night, and more. In the morning when I am at Camp Rammah Darom I pray and then I eat breakfast. At Camp Rammah there is something called Camp Time. Here is an example of Camp Time at  8 o’clock Camp Time is 7 or 6 o’clock here. They want you to get up early so you have more time for activities.(: (;



My Toucan

imageA toucan lives in the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is endangered and has a lot of endangered species in it also. The Amazon Rainforest is endangered because people are cutting down it’s trees also known as the toucan’s home. The toucan I made is pink, purple, and orange. It has blue eyes. There are a lot of leaves near my toucan. I love my toucan! Toucans are awesome!