My Quotes from B’resheet Self Portrait

This week we made self portraits with quotes from B’resheet. B’resheet is the first book in the Torah, but it is also a Parasha. We used quotes from the Parasha, not the book. The Parasha B’resheet is all about creation. The creation of everything on earth; plants, animals, water, light, the moon, the sun, the stars, the land, even us people. We have been studying this in our Tanach class. We made self portraits, and we put quotes in Hebrew inside of them. It was so cool, especially when we did marker water color. That may sound weird, but it is basically when you trace something in marker, and you take a brush dipped in water and brush over the marker, and then it has a water color like effect.

I chose to use seven quotes in my painting. My first quote is: ״ויעש א-לוקים…את הכוכבים״ or “and G-d made…the stars.”  This quote says to me, reach for the stars. It reminds me to work towards my dreams. My second quote is: ״לא טוב היות האדם לבדו״ or “it is not good for man to be alone.” This quote says to me to love my friends and family, and I do. My third quote is: ״וירא א-לוקים את-כל-אשר עשה והנה-טוב מאוד״ or “and G-d saw everything that he had made and it was extremely good.” I like this quote because all of the phones and toys really don’t matter in the end, but all of the nature and animals and people do matter. My fourth quote is: ״שבת מכל-מלאכתו״ or “a break (or stop or end) from all of the work.” I like this quote because I keep Shabbat every week. My fifth quote is: ״נפש חיה״ or “living soul.” I like this quote because to me it says YOLO (You Only Live Once), and to live life to the fullest. My sixth quote was: ״לזאת יקרא: ׳אשה׳״ or “this is called: ‘woman’.” I like this quote because, well, I am a girl. My seventh, and final quote, is: ״מזריע זרע…עץ פרי אשר זרעו-בו״ or “plant a seed…a fruit tree will grow there.” I like this quote because I like fruit and I like plants.

Here is my picture: