My 3rd Science Scoop

For my third Science Scoop I drew the card, “Let’s Play Dress Up”.  That means that I have to dress up as someone like a scientist.  I kind of went out of the box, oh ok who am I kidding I was about 1,0000000000000000 miles away from the box.  I dressed up as Lucy, she is and Austrlopithucus Afarenus who was discovered by Donald Johanson.  I wore a mask, which is basically a picture of her skull which I cut eyeholes in and tied a string around to keep it on my head.  I created a Prezi, and I followed all of the rules so it would be just right.  If I could redo something I might add one or two more facts, but I think everything else was practically flawless.  In fact my teacher said that it was flawless!  I got a 100% on it, I literally jumped for joy when I heard my grade.  I loved getting this card and I especially loved learning about Lucy and her realationship with Donald Johanson.

My Mask



Me Presenting


My Grade


Science Scoop #2

In science this quarter we did another Science Scoop.  This time we had to do things like make a volcano, or show how the tectonic plates move, etc.  I drew the care “Artsy Pants Earthquake Map”; that means that I had to make a three dimensional (3D) poster of an earthquake map.  I think that I followed the rubric exactly, and I definitely worked for more than four hours.  If I could change anything, I would probably make the ocean out of something besides beads, because two beads fell off while I was presenting.  Besides that, I think my Science Scoop was perfect.

A picture of me with my Science Scoop


Science Scoop

For Science this quarter we did the Science Scoop.  For Science Scoop, I picked the card Wild Card-that means that I could do anything.  I made a game to review what is in the nose, mouth, eye, and the ear.  I memorized the rubric so much that I actually had dreams about it.  I also worked really hard on it, it literally took me a whole day to make it.  I know a lot about the senses, and the class knows a lot about it too.  Both groups finished in under two minutes.  Next time, I will definitely try to teach the class something new, because reviews might be a little to easy for them.


This is me holding my Science Scoop project.

4th Grade Science Reflection

Thus is something that I am proud of from Science.  We had to invent a new animal, and we had to tell its physical and behavioral adaptations.   We also had to say it’s biome.  I learned a lot from this.  Here it is: