Why are there Differences Between the Book and the Movie Version of Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt?

Imagine you are in the movie theater watching a movie, and all of a sudden you cower back, frightened of what happened on the screen. You then move to the edge of your seat, waiting to see what will happen next. After the movie, you are excited to read the book that goes along with the movie, but when you read it, you find that your favorite scene never occurred in the book. This commonly happens when movies are made to go along with books. Movie screenwriters add or discard characters and scenes that take place in books when making a movie for it. They want to make the movie viewers feel many emotions while watching the movie, so they add suspense or romance when they make it. The same goes for the movie Tuck Everlasting that goes along with the book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Even though there were many differences between the book and the movie, both thoroughly told the story by Natalie Babbitt and captured the major points.

The book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt is about a young girl named Winnie who meets the Tucks, a family that is immortal. A man, whose name we never learn, wants to find the Tucks. Throughout the book, Winnie grows to love the Tucks. She does everything she can to keep them safe and keep their secret, a secret. In the end, Winnie must decide if she wants to live a good life, but die, or join the Tucks in their immortal journey.

To start off, in the movie, Winnie is portrayed as being around five or six years
older than she is in the book, where she is ten. This leads to her having a very different, and much stronger relationship with Jesse. In the book, Winnie has a mere schoolgirl crush on him, but in the movie, Winnie kisses Jesse, swims with him, dances with him by a fire, and they both climb Jesse’s “Eiffel Tower” together. Also, the book and the movie took place in different time periods. In the end of the movie, there are motorcycles, cars, and trucks, while in the end of the book, automobiles are just starting to be made. Although, the movie does keep one of the major parts of the book: Winnie never drinks the spring water and never becomes immortal. If the movie failed to show that Winnie dies, or if they even changed the movie so that she drinks the water from the spring and becomes immortal, then a big part of the book would have been missing.

Secondly, the movie ejected the scene where Winnie and her grandmother
hear Mae’s music box, or as Winnie’s grandmother puts it, the elf music. This is a crucial part of the book. It is our first sign of the Tucks’ existence, even if the readers don’t know it yet. To add to it, the movie directors also modified the ending scene. In the book, Mae and Tuck visit Treegap many years later to see if Winnie is still alive. While there, they see that the Foster’s wood has been reduced to an empty lot. They go to a diner, and there they find out what happened to the wood. Once they leave the diner, Tuck goes to the cemetery and sees Winnie’s grave, meaning that she died. However, in the movie, Jesse is the one that visits Treegap, and he only goes past the Foster’s old house, before going off to Winnie’s grave. Also, Winnie’s grave is in the wood, in front of the immortal tree and by the spring. The wood didn’t even exist by that time in the book! One scene that was kept in the movie was the scene where Winnie spots Jesse drinking from the spring, and then, she wants to drink from it too. It is good that this scene appeared in the movie, because it is our first glimpse of the spring. Readers or viewers don’t yet know that the water makes anyone who drinks immortal, but from this scene, they know that whatever it is, it is important.

Lastly, besides deleting scenes for the movie, many scenes were added to the
movie. For example, in the movie, Miles went to a bar to play poker, but this never happened in the book. This changed a big part of the movie, because it changed the way the man in the yellow suit found the Tucks. In the book, the man in the yellow suit searches the woods, and when he finds the Tucks, he steals their horse. In the movie, the man in the yellow suit just follows Miles home from the bar. However, the movie does keep the part where Mae knocks out the man in the yellow suit with the butt of a gun. After this, instead of just Mae going to jail like in the book, both Mae and Tuck go to jail. Moreover, the scene where Miles, Jesse, and Winnie help Mae escape from jail was changed a lot in the movie.

In conclusion, the movie Tuck Everlasting and the book Tuck Everlasting have
many differences. Some of the changes made the movie more entertaining, but some of the parts that were left out should have been kept in. Would you prefer to have the movie be exactly like the book, or did you enjoy the changes that the movie director made when creating this movie?

Why is The Giver by Lois Lowry Censored?

In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, a boy named Jonas lives in a utopian society. There are many problems in this society like seeing no color, everything being the same, and the “releases” are not actually people being released, but people being killed. This book is censored in many places because people don’t want their kids to be reading about this type of community. I understand why The Giver is censored, but I think that it shouldn’t be censored because it contains a lot of challenging vocabulary, it provides an example of an advanced school curriculum that we could learn from, it teaches us about the power of memory, and it teaches us an important moral.

The Giver contains a lot of good vocabulary that kids might not learn without reading it. The book includes many synonyms like “scrupulously” and “meticulous,” which mean taking your time and working with care. Since the book is about a community where all things are the same, the book teaches kids words like “standardize” and “nondescript.” By exposing elementary school and middle school-aged kids to this harder form of vocabulary, it will expand their knowledge of words, and they will start to use more challenging vocabulary while speaking in everyday life.

Jonas, along with all of the other kids in his community, goes to a very
advanced school. They learn “language and communications,” “commerce and industry,” “science and technology,” and “civil procedures and government,” all at a very young age. It is also a requirement to do volunteer hours for school. This teaches kids that it is important to do volunteer work in their communities and to do mitzvahs. At my school, we go out into our community and volunteer our time every Friday to do good deeds. By reading The Giver, schools could learn about these volunteer hours and enforce them in their school work.

At the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory in
training. He goes to train with the Giver of Memory everyday. The Giver transmits many memories to Jonas that the citizens in the communities don’t know about. Lois Lowry writes about a few of the bad memories that Jonas receives. This teaches us that it is good to have our own memories, so we can reflect over them and learn from our mistakes. The citizens in the communities in The Giver burden one person with all of the memories that they aren’t ever able to experience. Those citizens can’t learn from their mistakes and can not repeat them if they don’t know about any of the mistakes humans made before their community was created. It is good to have our own memories because being able to reflect on them, teaches us right from wrong and to not repeat our mistakes.

Lastly, The Giver has a very good moral to it. Many kids wish that they lived in a fantasy world where everything they want, they get. From reading this book, we learn that we should be grateful to live in the world we live in because if you take a look at Jonas’ utopian community, it is far from perfect. A perfect world to one person could be the worst world to another. Even though we live in an imperfect world, it is still great. Instead of longing for a world we don’t have, we should spend time in the world we do have.

In conclusion, I don’t think that The Giver should be censored because it contains a lot of advanced vocabulary, the kids in it learn many things starting at a young age, it teaches us about the power of memory, and it teaches us an important moral. Do you think The Giver by Lois Lowry should be censored, or should kids read this book?

Six Years Later…

I just finished reading the book Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick with my class. It was so good. The book is all about a boy named Steven Alper and his journey through his last year of middle school. During the year, his brother Jeffrey develops a type of cancer called leukemia, which is a white blood cell cancer. Jeffrey has to make weekly trips to Philadelphia with his mom. Steven helps Jeffrey battle a life threatening disease, while dealing with girl drama, drum practice, and his slowly sinking grades.

At the end of the book, they had an epilogue, but it was very vague. I decided to make my own epilogue, six years later. In my epilogue, Steven is eighteen years old and is getting ready to go to college. Jeffrey is eleven years old and has just finished sixth grade. Steven is still friends with Renee and is still going out with Annette.


I can still remember when Jeffrey was diagnosed with leukemia. Thankfully, I can say that Jeffrey is six years leukemia free. He still has to go to the hospital every year to get tested, but he has given up on Matt Medic. He asks me to go with him every time, and of course, I say yes. Every time I walk past the room where Samantha stayed for so many years of her life, I feel a pang of sadness. I know that she would be happy to know that I am still keeping my promise to her, by staying by Jeffrey’s side.

We picked ourselves up financially, and we are now doing well. My mom went back to college, once we had enough money of course, and got a degree in Special Education. I think from being in the hospital with Jeffrey so much, she developed a soft spot for “special” kids. My dad is still in boring old accounting. How does he like that stuff? I have put my days of being a TV dinner kid behind me, and I even asked my mom to teach me how to cook, so I’m prepared for college. One time when Annette was over, yup we’re still going strong, I made her her favorite, baked ziti, and she actually liked it.

Speaking of girlfriends, today Jeffrey came home from school holding Lindsey Albert’s, Renee’s sister’s, hand. Don’t even ask me how that happened, especially since Lindsey is,  in my opinion, even hotter than Renee ever was. My jaw fell straight to Antarctica when I saw them. That’s basically all that’s happened since my eight grade graduation. School’s just been school, and although I’ve improved a lot on the drums, the one show that will prove my fate, won’t be happening for another two days. What show is that you ask? Oh, only my audition for Juilliard. I’m going to drive Annette and me, that’s right, I have a license, to the audition. But right now, I have to set the table for dinner.

“Mom!” Jeffrey yelled. “We’re going to be late, and I have to pick up Lindsey on time!” Mom insisted that the whole family should be at my audition for Juilliard. Of course Jeffrey had to bring his girlfriend, Lindsey Albert. I still don’t know how that happened. “I’m going to get Annette now, so…bye!” I said. When I got in my car, I glanced at my phone, and I saw that I had missed eight calls from Annette. Anette has a thing about being late, so she thought that she had to call me so I shouldn’t forget. But seriously, how could I forget our auditions. When I pulled up to her house, she was standing in her driveway with her hands on her hips. “Finally!” she scoffed as she stormed into the car. We drove in silence, and I could tell that she was nervous because her hands kept twitching in her lap.

As we approached Juilliard, my nerves kept like flames. When we got inside, Annette and I got with numbers on them to put on our shirts, mine twelve, Anette twenty-six. We waited forever in a small, cramped room until they called Anette’s number. “Good luck,” I whispered to her as she got up and flourished, “You look great.” “Thanks,” she replied as she anxiously walked out of the room. You could slightly hear the soft ballad that she was playing. When Anette came back in, her cheeks were flushed, but she looked satisfied. “You were awesome,” I told her. In response, she gave me a hug. She was shaking almost as much as a phone when it rings on vibrate.

Soon later, they called me. I stood up, shook my hands out, and prepared to play for the most important show of my life. “Go get ’em,” Anette said to me. When I got to the drum set, I saw Renee standing behind the row of judges, along with my family, holding a sign that read, “Rock Out Steven! Get that Scholarship, You Deserve it!” I saw that she had a sign for Anette too.

I pulled out the sticks that I gave to Samantha so many years ago, I thought it was fitting to play with them, and I started to play a revised version of “Cubana Beat Cubana Bop” the song I didn’t end up playing for the All City concert. Overall, I thought I did really well.

Two weeks later, Anette and I were sitting on her couch, with letters from Juilliard in our hands. “One, two, three!” and they were open. Anette let out a shriek. “I got in Steven! I got in!” I on the other hand decided to trick her. “Did you get in Steven? Oh, tell me you got in!” “I…I,” I said in a really sad voice, “got in!” That was it, Anette and I were going to college together.

The End

As you can see, in my epilogue, the Alpers are doing great. Steven and Anette are still together, and Jeffrey has found a girlfriend. His parents are doing well, and overall, the Alpers have a great life. What type of epilogue would you write for Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie?

1963: How this Traumatic Year Changed the Watsons

In the book The Watsons go to Birmingham, the Watsons have a very interesting summer; I mean, they experienced a bombing. I think that this definitely changed them. The Watsons will most likely have a stronger bond after all of the trauma that they experienced. But, I also think that each one of them was changed too, especially the children.

I think that Momma and Dad changed and became a lot more cautious and protective of their children. Momma and Dad were frightened and wanted to make sure that their children were safe and not hurt. I know that I would have felt the exact same way if I had kids, and we weren’t all together when a bombing occurred. I would have been running around screaming my children’s names, crying, and digging through the rubble looking for them. This definitely was a terrible experience for Momma and Dad.

I think that Byron changed for the better. Byron is now caring and kind, when he used to cause trouble all the time. I know that Byron will keep an eye out for his siblings and make sure that they are okay. I think that Kenny changed and became a little more timid, but also more brave. He went into the church to find Joetta, and that takes guts. I think that he will be more sure of himself, and he will keep an eye out for his little sister. I don’t think that Joetta really changed; she didn’t even know that there was a bombing. But I do think that she will be a mature little girl as she grows older.

Overall, all of the Watsons changed in some way. They have all been scarred for life, but I think that they will embrace what they have seen, and use it to help them be kind. I think that they will definitely sympathize with any family that experienced or had someone experience a bomb. How do you think the Watsons changed?

A Speech to the City of Birmingham

Hello Birmingham, Alabama. I am President EM, and today I will be talking to you about the bombing of the Sixteenth Avenue Baptist Church that happened just last week on September 15, 1963. I am here to assure you that all of the damage in the church will be fixed, but I know that the damage in your hearts might take a little more effort to be fixed. We will now take a moment of silence to remember Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia Wesley, Rest In Peace.
After the Break

Let’s first talk about who bombed the church. I know that many of you are wondering who and why somebody would do such a terrible thing such as bombing a church. We believe that two members of the Ku Klux Klan or the KKK were either driving by the church and threw a bomb at it, or before Sunday school placed the bomb inside of the church. Don’t worry, we are doing everything we can to find the KKK and put an end to their terror. We believe that this was done because of segregation. I am sure you all know that there is a lot of segregation in the South. I stand with Civil Rights, and I believe that everyone is equal. Any place I see with “White Only” or “Colored Only” signs angers me. Everyone is equal, we are all people, no matter what we look like. It is not fair for you and I to be treated differently, and judged by the color of our skin. I am fighting for you all, and I hope you know that.

What can you do to help eliminate segregation? Well, you can first not use any violence. You all can hold protests and you can protest against “White Only” things, but you can not resort to violence. Being violent will just prove their points. Many white people believe that you all are wild, violent animals, but you are not. You all are kind,  wonderful people, so use that to your strengths. You all can hold marches and use signs that say things that you feel are wrong with this country. Don’t be afraid, you aren’t doing anything wrong by holding protests. You are fighting for what is right, and don’t let them change that. We all need to stand up for what we believe in and thinks is right.

Now let’s talk about the repairs that will need to be done the the church. We will, and we have been working day and night to fix the destruction. I kindly ask you to stay away from the church, because we are using big, heavy machinery, and we don’t want you all to get hurt. If there are any volunteers who would like to help fix the Sixteenth Avenue Baptist Church, your help is much needed. We are trying to get the church back up and running on November 12, 1963. I am personally helping out with the repairs, and I am on my hands and knees like everyone else, working to make the church and all of Birmingham safe and fixed.

Thank you for listening and I hope that we can work together to end segregation in Birmingham, and repair the church. This is a matter that needs to be addressed and changed. My heart goes out to all of you and I hope we can help change our ways and make Birmingham a great place again. I sympathize with the four girls’ families and all of the rest of you. Thank you, and good day.

Beware of the Wool Poo

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just finished reading The Watsons go to Birmingham. One of the book’s themes is finding courage to deal with problems. I wrote about two examples of this happening in the book. While reading, figure out which one you think is more courageous. I think that the second one is. I would like to be like the Watson children and have courage and bravery.

One example of this happening in the book is when Kenny goes swimming in a whirlpool, even though he was told not to. He imagined that he saw the “Wool Poo,” his imagination portraying what he thinks death looks like. He thinks that the Wool Pool brought his family around one last time for him to see. He sees his sister, Joetta, and she tells Kenny to swim up to the surface. When he tries to swim up to the surface, Byron, his brother, is there to help him out. This relates to one of the book’s themes, finding courage to deal with our problems. Kenny used courage because he didn’t have to swim up to the surface, he could have just given up and stayed in the water and died, but he didn’t and he lived. Byron also used courage; he went into the water to get Kenny even though it was dangerous and scary. Both of them used acts of bravery and courage.

Another example of people using courage in the book was when Kenny went into the church to see if Joetta was okay after the bomb blew up the church. There was smoke and blackened wood shards everywhere. He was scared, but he still went inside to get his sister and make sure she was safe. I know that I would have been frightened to go into the church and I would most likely think that if I went in, something would hurt me. I would like to believe that I would have enough courage to go into the church, but I probably wouldn’t. It was really braver of Kenny to do that, and I would like to learn from him and try to be more courageous myself.

What I have learned from the book is that the Watsons are really courageous and brave. As I grow older, I would like to be like Byron and Kenny. Both of them did things that they were scared of, and that was really brave. How brave do you think you are?

Byron Watson: The Juvenile Delinquent

In the book The Watsons go to Birmingham, one of the main characters, Byron, gets into a lot of trouble; and having a friend like Buphead, does not help. I think that Byron does bad things and gets into trouble, because he is trying to be “cool” and impress all of his friends. Byron has a lot of friends that are older than him, and I think that they look a certain way or act a certain way that makes Byron think that he has to be like them to be deemed cool. Byron does some bad things and I am pretty sure that he thinks that it is cool!

Two ways that Byron has misbehaved, is when Byron plays with fire and cuts his hair. Byron likes to play with fire in the bathroom. He lifts toilet paper on fire, and he pretends that he is shooting a movie.Momma has already caught him, and told him that if he does it again, she will burn him. The reason she is so worried is because it is fire, and she had an incident with fire when she was younger. She tells Byron a story about how fire can burn down their house and ruin things, trying to make him not do it again, and to realize that playing with fire is bad. When he does it again, she burns one of his fingers. But he still doesn’t learn his lesson, because then he gets a new haircut. You might be thinking, oh, it’s just a haircut, but it is a conk, which means that he straightened his hair. His parents don’t like his new hair, because they say it makes him look Mexican, and he knew he wasn’t supposed to do anything to himself without their permission; he even tried to cover it up with a scarf. His dad then shaves off all of his hair as a punishment.

One example of people trying to act “cool” and be like others happening in real life is when one of my friends used to suck up to another girl because of her popularity. My friend would dress a certain way and act a certain way, just because this one girl did it. One of the flaws that the girl had, was that when she felt unsure of herself, she would get mean. She would say all of these hurtful things to everybody, including me. My friend copied her and was mean to everybody, even me. She would act really nice and be my friend when the girl wasn’t around her, but when she was around that girl, she was mean. I eventually told her what I thought was happening, she told me that it was true, and we resolved the issue.

In the end, Byron becomes a better person. He isn’t as much of a troublemaker, and let’s just say, I’m pretty sure Byron won’t be playing with matches in the near future. I think that deep down, the whole time he really did have love and affection for his family and he really did have a kind and caring soul, it just took a traumatic experience to bring it out. Through the ups and downs, he took care of his family, especially his younger brother. Why do you think Byron caused trouble?

Test for NERDS The Villain Virus by Micheal Buckley

1. What did the Villain Virus do?

A. It made people crave Chocolate

B. It made people suddenly Smart and Evil

C. It made people want to go to Villain Con

D. It made People happy


2. Who was the First member of the Nerds team to get the Villain Virus?

A. Matilda

B. Flinch

C. Duncan

D. Ruby and Jackson


3. What animal did Ms. Dove call her Students?

A. Camels

B. Monsters

C. Sharks

D. Birds


4. Who started the Villain Virus?

A. Ms. Holiday

B. The Lunch Lady

C. Heathcliff

D. The Antagonist



5. Where did the NERDS go to school?

A. Thomas Knowlton Middle School

B. Sugarland Academy

C. The CIA’s top Spy School

D. Colonial Williamsburg


6. Where did the Antagonist meet Miss Information?

A. Publix

B. Office Depot

C. Staples

D. Stapletown


7. Who are the Juvenile Delinquents that Flinch met?

A. Alex, Donald, and Roland

B. Sara, Tessa, Lily, and Alexandra

C. Toad, Wyatt, Hooper, and Toad

D. Hooper, Susan, and Wyatt


8. Where did the Nanobytes that were part of the Villain Virus come from?

A. A Parallel Universe’s Playground

B. Mars

C. Apple

D. Dr. Kim


9. What happened to Some of the Results of the test to see who had the Villain Virus?

A. A dog ate them

B. The got stepped on by a giant


D. Someone Deleted Them


10. Who betrayed the team?

A. Alexander Brand

B. Dr. Kim

C. Ms. Holiday

D. Dr. Yaxley


BONUS-Who is the Antagonist?

A. Dumb Vinchi

B. Heathcliff

C. Rapunzel

D. Miss Information



Answers: 1=B, 2=A, 3=D, 4=C, 5=A, 6=D, 7=C, 8=A, 9=D, 10=C, BONUS=A

Test for Evil Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

1. How does Ben get expelled from Spy School?

A. He throws a Grenade at the Students on the Red Team

B. He sits on the Sidelines eating Cupcakes and singing about Rainbows

C. He shoots an Active Bomb at the Principal’s Office

D. He kills everyone insight (even his own team mates)


2. When Ben is enrolled in Spyder’s school who are his School Mates?

A. Ashley Sparks and Nefarious Jones

B. Zoe Zibbell, Warren, Chip Schacter and Jawaharlal O’Shea

C. Whitney Slaperskin, Joshua Hallal, and Joane “I want to Kill you” Bomber

D. No one, He Is the only one There


3. How does Murray end up Living with Ben?

A. He gets Expelled from Spy School and joins Spyder

B. People from Spyder sprang Murray from jail

C. He had been Living there the Whole time but he just didn’t Leave his room

D. He flew in on a private jet from Hawaii


4. Where did Ben go when He left the Spyder Hideout?

A. Disney World

B. Cancun, Mexico

C. Sandy Hook

D. The White House


5. What is Spyder’s Hideout and What is it Called?

A. A beach house in the Bahamas

B. Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World

C. A Treehouse in Central, Park

D. A Gated Community call Hidden Forest


6. What is Hidden in the ground in Spyder’s Hideout

A. One Thousand Guns

B. Russian Missiles

C. Greek Grenades

D. Two Million Bombs


7. What is hidden Underneath the Rec Center?

A. An Ice Cream Sundae Bar with Toppings

B. A Meeting Room

C. A Room with Giant Computers

D. All of the Above


8. What does Ben ram into the Side of the Wall surrounding Spyder’s Hideout?

A. A Garbage Truck

B. A Giant Ball of Yarn

C. A Bulldozer

D. A Wrecking Ball


9. Whose hand is Ben holding when the Rec Center is blown Up?

A. Zoe Zibbell’s

B. Ashley Sparks’

C. Erica Hales’

D. Brittany Spears’


10. What Body Part (s) did Joshua Hallal lose?

A. His Leg, His Hand, and His Eye

B. His Face

C. His Butt and His Sixth Toe

D. His Pinkies (Fingers and Toes)


BONUS: What did Alexander Hale name the Cat that He found at the Restaurant?

A. Lucifer

B. Mr. Wigglebottom

C. Ms. LoveyFace

D. Adele



Answers: #1=C, #2=A, #3=B, #4=C, #5=D, #6=B, #7=D, #8=C, #9=C, #10=A, BONUS=B