A Test for NERDS Attack of the Bullies by Micheal Buckley

1. Who does Ms. Information last recruit to her team the B.U.L.L.I.E.S?

A. Tessa Lipton

B. Carly Lington

C. Diane Withers

D. Tessa McNet
2. What does Ms. Information’s scientist create?

A. A Car that Shoots Lasers from the Headlights

B. A Gun the Spits out Acid

C. A Time Machine that looks like a Kid’s Toy

D. Nothing
3. Who gets erased from time first?

A. Duncan

B. Matilda

C. Jackson

D. Flinch
4. What time portal do the N.E.R.D.S go through?

A. An Elevator in a Marriott Hotel

B. A TV in the Mitzmacher House

C. A Ball Pit in the Restaurant Marty’s Mozzarella

D. A Table at Picasso’s
5. Who do the N.E.R.D.S get help from?

A. The N.E.R.D.S of 2005

B. The N.E.R.D.S of 1977

C. The N.E.R.D.S of 1992

D. The N.E.R.D.S of 2016
6. Do the N.E.R.D.S team that the current N.E.R.D.S visit have Nanobytes?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Maybe

7. Who is Alex Ms. Information’s boyfriend?

A. A Person

B. An Apple

C. A Scarecrow

D. A Dog
8. Who was the last member of the team to disappear?

A. Ruby

B. Duncan

C. Jackson

D. Flinch
9. What happened to Ms. Information when she tried to destroy the worksite of the first middle school?

A. She got covered in Hot Chocolate

B. She nailed Agent Brand to the Ground

C. She Disintegrated into a Million Pieces

D. She became a NERD again
10. What is Ms. Information’s real name?

A. Lisa Holiday

B. Viktoriya Deprankova

C. Haiylee Crontrawgure

D. Taylor Swift
BONUS: What are the two religions of Ruby’s family?

A. Christian and Muslim

B. Jewish and Catholic

C. Protestant and Catholic

D. Jewish and Protestant

Answers-1=A, 2=C, 3=D, 4=C, 5=B, 6=B, 7=C, 8=B, 9=C, 10=B, BONUS=D

A Test for Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

1. Why was Ben accepted to Spy School?

A. He had an Exceptionally Good Talent in Cryptography

B. He was Really Good at Sports

C. He was Really Good at Math

D. A and C
2. Who broke into Ben’s room his first night?

A. Erica Hale

B. An Assassin

C. Cookie Monster

D. No one
3. Where was Ben moved after someone broke into his room?

A. The Box


C. Back to His House

D. The Cafeteria
4. What is Zoe’s nickname for Ben?

A. Benny

B. Big Bad Ben

C. Smokescreen

D. Sligh-Dog
5. What test did Professor Crandall give Ben?

A. He got Attacked by Ninjas

B. He had to take a Ten Page Four Question Test

C. He had to Stack Rocks

D. He had to Dismantle a Bomb
6. Who captured the flag in the school’s annual game of capture the flag?

A. Zoe

B. Ben

C. Warren

D. Erica Hale
7. Where did Erica take Ben while she was helping him uncover the mole?

A. The White House

B. The Washington Monument

C. Sandy Hook

D. Hollywood
8. Whose spot did Ben take at Spy School?

A. Brittany Spears

B. Taylor Swift

C. Gavin Stikes

D. Joshua Hallal

9. What does Warren specialize in?

A. Detonating Bombs

B. Cryptology

C. Camouflage

D. Flirting

10. Who was the Mole?

A. Murray

B. Chip

C. Erica

D. Zoe

Answers-1=D, 2=B, 3=A, 4=C, 5=A, 6=D, 7=B, 8=D, 9=C, 10=A

Test for Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs

1. What did Spyder send to Ben?

A. A Poisonous Cupcake

B. A Note

C. A Gun

D. A Poster of Taylor Swift

2. Where did Ben meet Murray?

A. Spy Camp

B. Spy School

C. At the Beach

D. FunLand

3. What camp did Ben go to?

A. Happy Trails

B. Ramah

C. Agawak

D. All of the Above

4. Who was the director of the camp?

A. Alexander Hale

B. Sabrina Carter

C. Chip Schacter

D. Woodchuck Wallas

5. Who did Ben get a Contract from?

A. Spyder

B. Disney World

C. SpongeBob SquarePants

D. The Director of the CIA


6. How did Ben and Alexander Hale get away from Spyder’s trap?

A. They Shot Back

B. They Didn’t

C. Erica Hale Grabbed Ben and they Jumped off of a Bridge

D. They Just gave Themselves to Spyder

7. Where were Alexander, Erica, and Ben Hiking to?


A. An Abandoned Fire Watch Tower

B. A McDonalds

C. The White House

D. A Treehouse

8. Where did Erica and Ben meet Cyrus Hale?

A. In Jail

B. At Ben’s Old Middle School

C. At Apple Valley Reformation Camp for Delinquent Teens

D. At the CIA Headquarters

9. Who is Cyrus Hale?

A. Erica’s Brother

B. Erica’s Uncle

C. Erica’s Grandfather

D. Erica’s Great Grandfather

10. Where was Spyder’s Hideout?

A. A Gated Community called Hidden Forest

B. An Abandoned Mine

C. The White House

D. A Panera

BONUS: What did Erica take from Murray?

A. His Gun

B. His Wallet

C. His Tooth

D. His Phone




Answers-1=B, 2=D, 3=A, 4=D, 5=A, 6=C, 7=A, 8=C, 9=C, 10=B, BONUS=C

Test for NERDS The Villain Virus by Micheal Buckley

1. What did the Villain Virus do?

A. It made people crave Chocolate

B. It made people suddenly Smart and Evil

C. It made people want to go to Villain Con

D. It made People happy


2. Who was the First member of the Nerds team to get the Villain Virus?

A. Matilda

B. Flinch

C. Duncan

D. Ruby and Jackson


3. What animal did Ms. Dove call her Students?

A. Camels

B. Monsters

C. Sharks

D. Birds


4. Who started the Villain Virus?

A. Ms. Holiday

B. The Lunch Lady

C. Heathcliff

D. The Antagonist



5. Where did the NERDS go to school?

A. Thomas Knowlton Middle School

B. Sugarland Academy

C. The CIA’s top Spy School

D. Colonial Williamsburg


6. Where did the Antagonist meet Miss Information?

A. Publix

B. Office Depot

C. Staples

D. Stapletown


7. Who are the Juvenile Delinquents that Flinch met?

A. Alex, Donald, and Roland

B. Sara, Tessa, Lily, and Alexandra

C. Toad, Wyatt, Hooper, and Toad

D. Hooper, Susan, and Wyatt


8. Where did the Nanobytes that were part of the Villain Virus come from?

A. A Parallel Universe’s Playground

B. Mars

C. Apple

D. Dr. Kim


9. What happened to Some of the Results of the test to see who had the Villain Virus?

A. A dog ate them

B. The got stepped on by a giant


D. Someone Deleted Them


10. Who betrayed the team?

A. Alexander Brand

B. Dr. Kim

C. Ms. Holiday

D. Dr. Yaxley


BONUS-Who is the Antagonist?

A. Dumb Vinchi

B. Heathcliff

C. Rapunzel

D. Miss Information



Answers: 1=B, 2=A, 3=D, 4=C, 5=A, 6=D, 7=C, 8=A, 9=D, 10=C, BONUS=A

Test for Evil Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

1. How does Ben get expelled from Spy School?

A. He throws a Grenade at the Students on the Red Team

B. He sits on the Sidelines eating Cupcakes and singing about Rainbows

C. He shoots an Active Bomb at the Principal’s Office

D. He kills everyone insight (even his own team mates)


2. When Ben is enrolled in Spyder’s school who are his School Mates?

A. Ashley Sparks and Nefarious Jones

B. Zoe Zibbell, Warren, Chip Schacter and Jawaharlal O’Shea

C. Whitney Slaperskin, Joshua Hallal, and Joane “I want to Kill you” Bomber

D. No one, He Is the only one There


3. How does Murray end up Living with Ben?

A. He gets Expelled from Spy School and joins Spyder

B. People from Spyder sprang Murray from jail

C. He had been Living there the Whole time but he just didn’t Leave his room

D. He flew in on a private jet from Hawaii


4. Where did Ben go when He left the Spyder Hideout?

A. Disney World

B. Cancun, Mexico

C. Sandy Hook

D. The White House


5. What is Spyder’s Hideout and What is it Called?

A. A beach house in the Bahamas

B. Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World

C. A Treehouse in Central, Park

D. A Gated Community call Hidden Forest


6. What is Hidden in the ground in Spyder’s Hideout

A. One Thousand Guns

B. Russian Missiles

C. Greek Grenades

D. Two Million Bombs


7. What is hidden Underneath the Rec Center?

A. An Ice Cream Sundae Bar with Toppings

B. A Meeting Room

C. A Room with Giant Computers

D. All of the Above


8. What does Ben ram into the Side of the Wall surrounding Spyder’s Hideout?

A. A Garbage Truck

B. A Giant Ball of Yarn

C. A Bulldozer

D. A Wrecking Ball


9. Whose hand is Ben holding when the Rec Center is blown Up?

A. Zoe Zibbell’s

B. Ashley Sparks’

C. Erica Hales’

D. Brittany Spears’


10. What Body Part (s) did Joshua Hallal lose?

A. His Leg, His Hand, and His Eye

B. His Face

C. His Butt and His Sixth Toe

D. His Pinkies (Fingers and Toes)


BONUS: What did Alexander Hale name the Cat that He found at the Restaurant?

A. Lucifer

B. Mr. Wigglebottom

C. Ms. LoveyFace

D. Adele



Answers: #1=C, #2=A, #3=B, #4=C, #5=D, #6=B, #7=D, #8=C, #9=C, #10=A, BONUS=B