A Delirious Campout

I’m missing freetime for this. I just packed a bag for the campout, not realizing that I packed way too much. I’m carrying a 200lb bag, a sleeping bag, and a pillow. My shoulders ache as I trudge halfway across camp. I have a gut feeling something won’t be right.

I clambered onto the bus, thankful that I would be with all of my friends. Our bus driver, Steve, is the best! He put the radio on, and let us go on our phones. When we started up the mountain to the campsite, it was drizzling. By the time we were halfway up, it was pouring. Because we are so high up, the storm cloud is right above the bus. We are at such an angle, that we are starting to slide down the mountain. I am so blanched!

Oh no! We just took a wrong turn, and now we are in the wrong campsite. “I am so hungry,” Alexandra moaned. “Me too,” Shayna agreed. “I just want to get off this bus!” I said. All the while, it was still pouring.

An hour later, we were finally at the campsite. The camping staff, Cody and Hannah, dash through the rain to put the food in the cabins. For some reason, they have the food when they walk back to the busses. Hannah climbs onto our bus, and tells us that the cabins are locked! We can’t sleep inside of them, we can’t start a fire, we can’t sleep in tents, we can’t even go outside to pee! The bus rattles as thunder shakes the earth. I can see lightning in the distance. A daunting thought hits me, are we going to wait it out and sleep here?!

Thankfully, Cody comes to his senses and calls the Welcome Center, informing them that we are on our way back to camp. I am ecstatic! We slowly make our way down the slippery slope. Along the way, we somehow lose Cody’s bus. Apparently, he had to stop to cut down trees that were falling in the road left and right. We pull over in front of this intimidating rusted trailer. Suddenly, a light comes on in a window. This alarming shadow stands in the window with something in his hands. He starts hitting himself with it like he is trying to hurt himself. Steve saw that we were all freaking out, so he called Cody and said, “Sorry Cody, my girls are frightened and need to pee so we gotta go.” I sure am glad we are leaving! That was really creepy!

We are about a half an hour from camp, and our bladders are about to burst. We stop at a gas station, and I rush in. I am overwhelmed by the smell of so many different foods. After I pee, I walk around, my mouth watering, wishing I could just take one bite. I sure am hungry! As we get back on the bus, Miriam complains, “Why can’t we buy one bag of chips for each bus? We are all starving!” Jackie shushes her and says, “We are only ten minutes from camp; you will eat soon.”

We are finally back at camp. We grab our stuff and thank Steve as we head inside. We get to eat leftover meatloaf for dinner tonight instead of hotdogs. Yay! On the outside we are like, whatever, but everyone is secretly crying inside. At least I will have a crazy campout story to tell my future campers.