Dear Mr. Henshaw

I love Beverly Cleary’s Ramona and Beezus books, and Dear Mr. Henshaw  is even better.  Dear Mr. Henshaw is about a boy, Leigh Botts, who writes to Boyd Henshaw, an author.  He reads Boyd Henshaw’s books like Ways To Amuse A Dog, Moose On Toast, and more.  Leigh’s parents got divorced, and his Dad is a trucker so he never really sees his Dad.  In the beginning of the story, Leigh moves to another part of California and goes to a new school.  It takes a while for Leigh to make new friends, but eventually he makes one.  People keep stealing the good things from his lunch, so he invents something to make them stop.  Leigh enters a writing contest, ( Mr. Henshaw gives him tips, like keeping a diary ) and  wins Honorable Mention.  A kid cheated in the contest, so Leigh ends up wining third place in the end. This is a great story and if you like Beverly Cleary books like me, you’ll love these other amazing books by Beverly Cleary.

Animals Who Help People…

In our last Weekly Reader, we could pick any article to work with.  I chose animals the help people.  Here is a link to a website

about 11 animals that saved other people’s lives.  I am glad animals are able to help humans.  ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marty McGuire Digs Worms



In the book Marty McGuire Digs Worms by Kate Messner, a lady comes to Marty’s school.  She talks about saving the Earth, and says that she will come back in a few weeks.  The kids have to make projects about recycling, or using recycled stuff.  With the help from her grandmother, Marty and her friend Annie choose to do a project using worms.  They set up the worm bench in the cafeteria during recess, while the principal supervises.  On the big day (when  the lady comes back), Marty dresses up as a worm and Annie dresses up like a cat.  I like this book, because I learned a new word for worm poop.  It is called worm castings.  Here are ten facts you might not of knew about worms.

Unusual Games

I would rather play new games instead of my favorite games, especially if they are unusual games.  I like to try new things.  My Mom says I am adventurous, and I would try everything if I could.  So far, I have liked mostly everything I have tried before.  Like yesterday, when I was at a friends’ house.  We were making something for her bedroom wall.  It was really fun, and I had never done it before.  So it was even more fun, because I was trying something new.  I liked it so much, I asked my Mom if she could get me it for my room.  My sister also liked it, so she is going to get two.  One for me, and one for her.  They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Some Memories That I Had With My Mom

One time I went to Adventure Landing.  I went on all the rides.  I went with my Mom on the first one.  At my dance recital my Mom volunteered to help.  She helped my class, and it was so much fun!  She got to see the show from the balcony like me.  She had sit down after she got us to the balcony.  Then it wasn’t fun anymore.  My Mom makes everything fun!  I have tried to persuade her to be my Fourth Grade Teacher next year (because she teaches Fourth Grade), but she doesn’t want my Dad to be her boss.  Next year, my Dad won’t be principal anymore (because he got a new job), so I really want her to be my Fourth Grade Teacher.  She taught a game to the Fourth Graders this year, and one of them said they thought that she should consider being the Fourth Grade Teacher here next year.  I really hope she does.  I LOVE my Mom, and I LOVE spending time with her.  Happy AWESOME Mom Day Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Wordly Wise Story

There once was a girl named Haylem (Hey-lem).  Even though she had a weird name, she always had a positive attitude.  She might of looked weird to other kids, with her spiky hair, jagged teeth, rough skin, and weird taste in shoes and clothing, but she always loved herself for who she was.  Haylem was very responsible, and did her chores.  Her mother was always saying how Haylem did good deeds around the house, by picking up after her little brother.  On Haylem’s first day of school, she made a friend. Yay!  The other kids thought  Haylem’s friend looked weird too, but she didn’t care.  Her name was Kylew (Ki-loo). They both had two things in common.  One, they loved themselves for just being themselves.  Two, they where both very bold, and didn’t care about what other people thought  about them.  They both loved school, and they both had a lot of respect for their teacher.  They both ate very healthy, and would never smuggle candy into their rooms.  But, they did something cunning once.  One school night they had a campout in the woods.  They didn’t even fall  asleep until 7:30 a.m.  They had to go to school at 8:00 a.m., so they only got half an hour of sleep.  At school, they kept dozing off.  They got SO much homework, they agreed to never have a sleepover on a weeknight ever again.  They never did, and got all A’s on their report cards.  THE END


That is the original version of this story.


I used all of my Wordly Wise Words!  Yay!!!!!

מה אני עשיתי בסוף שבוע

אני שיחקתי כדור רגל אמריקי עים דגל

אני שמעתי לחזן הולזר שר תפילות

אני שיחקתי בבית של קיילה א

אני התפללתי בבית הכנסת

גברת סתין עשתה בבע סתתינג  לי

My Vanished Summary

image410In the book Vanished by Sheela Chari, a girl named Neela gets one of her grandmother’s veenas (an Indian instrument ).  The one Neela gets is her favorite one.  Guess what Neela’s favorite snack is? (Hint: it is not an Indian type of food).  If you guessed potato chips you are correct!

Neela brings her new veena to school when they are learning about instruments around the world, when her frenemy Amanda Bones is suddenly interested in her veena.  Amanda is asking Neela if her mother can borrow it.  When Neela goes to an art lesson at the church, a strange man asks her to have hot chocolate with him.  While Neela is talking with this strange man, someone steals her veena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I like this book because Sheela Chari baised this story about her niece, Neela and a little about herself.  I Skyped with Sheela Chari, and she played her veena for me.  It sounds sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this book is a great learning tool, because I am learning about India and Indian cultures.  Neela’s grandmother, Lalitha Patti, lives in Chennai, India.

indian music

The Carnival – Wordly Wise Story

I’m going to a carnival this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I check my calendar everyday, because I am adding up the days until I can go.  It will be on the Gulf of Mexico.  There will be balloons scattered in the sky.  It will be a great experience because I have never and always wanted to go to a carnival.  I hope when I go on rides, that I will be thrilled and not scared. If there are battle games, I will fight hard and not surrender. I hope there are state games, because I want to governnation.  I will make my birthday a national holiday.  In the car ride to the carnival, I will not be hasty to get there.  I will not act with haste, even though I want to go on all the rides.





P. S. This whole story is made up. It is made up, because it is a homework assignment.


P. P. S. I used all of my “Wordly Wise Words”!

בכל דר בדור Our Passover Seder in the Desert



This is me drinking fake grape juice.  אני אוהבת פסח.   בסדר אני אכלתי מצה אני התחפשתי לשיפחה אני שרתי שירים אני בירכתי בירכת המזון אני בירכתי את הברכה של רחצה אני היקשבתי לתקליטור אני צילמתי תמונות עים כל הכיתה