Why are there Differences Between the Book and the Movie Version of Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt?

Imagine you are in the movie theater watching a movie, and all of a sudden you cower back, frightened of what happened on the screen. You then move to the edge of your seat, waiting to see what will happen next. After the movie, you are excited to read the book that goes along with the movie, but when you read it, you find that your favorite scene never occurred in the book. This commonly happens when movies are made to go along with books. Movie screenwriters add or discard characters and scenes that take place in books when making a movie for it. They want to make the movie viewers feel many emotions while watching the movie, so they add suspense or romance when they make it. The same goes for the movie Tuck Everlasting that goes along with the book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Even though there were many differences between the book and the movie, both thoroughly told the story by Natalie Babbitt and captured the major points.

The book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt is about a young girl named Winnie who meets the Tucks, a family that is immortal. A man, whose name we never learn, wants to find the Tucks. Throughout the book, Winnie grows to love the Tucks. She does everything she can to keep them safe and keep their secret, a secret. In the end, Winnie must decide if she wants to live a good life, but die, or join the Tucks in their immortal journey.

To start off, in the movie, Winnie is portrayed as being around five or six years
older than she is in the book, where she is ten. This leads to her having a very different, and much stronger relationship with Jesse. In the book, Winnie has a mere schoolgirl crush on him, but in the movie, Winnie kisses Jesse, swims with him, dances with him by a fire, and they both climb Jesse’s “Eiffel Tower” together. Also, the book and the movie took place in different time periods. In the end of the movie, there are motorcycles, cars, and trucks, while in the end of the book, automobiles are just starting to be made. Although, the movie does keep one of the major parts of the book: Winnie never drinks the spring water and never becomes immortal. If the movie failed to show that Winnie dies, or if they even changed the movie so that she drinks the water from the spring and becomes immortal, then a big part of the book would have been missing.

Secondly, the movie ejected the scene where Winnie and her grandmother
hear Mae’s music box, or as Winnie’s grandmother puts it, the elf music. This is a crucial part of the book. It is our first sign of the Tucks’ existence, even if the readers don’t know it yet. To add to it, the movie directors also modified the ending scene. In the book, Mae and Tuck visit Treegap many years later to see if Winnie is still alive. While there, they see that the Foster’s wood has been reduced to an empty lot. They go to a diner, and there they find out what happened to the wood. Once they leave the diner, Tuck goes to the cemetery and sees Winnie’s grave, meaning that she died. However, in the movie, Jesse is the one that visits Treegap, and he only goes past the Foster’s old house, before going off to Winnie’s grave. Also, Winnie’s grave is in the wood, in front of the immortal tree and by the spring. The wood didn’t even exist by that time in the book! One scene that was kept in the movie was the scene where Winnie spots Jesse drinking from the spring, and then, she wants to drink from it too. It is good that this scene appeared in the movie, because it is our first glimpse of the spring. Readers or viewers don’t yet know that the water makes anyone who drinks immortal, but from this scene, they know that whatever it is, it is important.

Lastly, besides deleting scenes for the movie, many scenes were added to the
movie. For example, in the movie, Miles went to a bar to play poker, but this never happened in the book. This changed a big part of the movie, because it changed the way the man in the yellow suit found the Tucks. In the book, the man in the yellow suit searches the woods, and when he finds the Tucks, he steals their horse. In the movie, the man in the yellow suit just follows Miles home from the bar. However, the movie does keep the part where Mae knocks out the man in the yellow suit with the butt of a gun. After this, instead of just Mae going to jail like in the book, both Mae and Tuck go to jail. Moreover, the scene where Miles, Jesse, and Winnie help Mae escape from jail was changed a lot in the movie.

In conclusion, the movie Tuck Everlasting and the book Tuck Everlasting have
many differences. Some of the changes made the movie more entertaining, but some of the parts that were left out should have been kept in. Would you prefer to have the movie be exactly like the book, or did you enjoy the changes that the movie director made when creating this movie?