I keep kosher, which means that there are certain types of foods, mostly meats, that I can’t eat.The laws of kashrut are important because G-d gave these laws to B’nei Yisrael, and they followed them. These laws help make us pure and connect us to G-d. Although, keeping kosher can get a little annoying, because we have to check every food to see if it is kosher or not. The sayin, “You are what you eat,” relates with the laws of kashrut because the food we eat is kosher, and we keep are kind of kosher too. We keep kosher, so it is like we are kosher, even if we aren’t actually kosher in relation to the laws of kashrut. What we eat is a religious issue, because keeping kosher is part of our religion. The Torah is something that is part of our religion, and the rules of Kashrut are in the Torah. I like that I keep kosher, because it connects me with the early Jewish people when they just received the Torah, and they kept kosher too

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