Tu B’Shvat

Next week, there will be a holiday called Tu B’Shvat. Tu B’Shvat is the birthday of the trees. Trees are getting cut down all of the time because people want to build houses or buildings in that area. It would be one thing if for every tree that was cut down another one would be planted, but that is not the case. Trees provide us with many things that we need to survive, as well us just being a pretty sight to look at. Without trees, the world would be full of carbon dioxide, polluted, and all around ugly. Trees provide us with fruits, and they give us the oxygen that we need to breathe to stay alive. Trees should be seriously protected, and we should learn to live with them all around us, even if we have to give up having a few new buildings or houses.

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  1. Eliana,

    Did you know that in Jacksonville you need a permit to cut down a tree that is over four feet tall or with a circumference greater than three and a half feet if it is on private property. I think we need more regulations that require us to replace trees. In the meantime, scientists estimate that 400 trees have been cut down for each person alive today. 400 trees.org is a really cool organization that will plant 400 tress for you to replace your 400 at only 10 cents a tree.

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