צער בעלי חיים The Ethical Treatment of Animals

This week, we started the to learn about the mitzvah צער בעלי חיים or The Ethical Treatment of Animals. For our mitzvah project, we first made dog toys out of t-shirts. With the help of a video, we cut the t-shirts into strips, made three braids, and then braided them together. On each end of the toy, there is a knot. On one side, there are parts of the strips that are sticking out so that the dog’s owner can hold on to the toy. On the other side, we cut the strips so they don’t stick out, because a dog can rip the cloth off, choke on it, and die. It was really hard to tie the knots, and it took two people to tie the knots. It was kind of like we were playing tug-of-war with each other. In the end, I think we made over twenty chew toys.

For the second part of it, we were going to make phone calls to different hygiene companies, but we ran out of time, so we are going to do it on Tuesday. You might be wondering, what does calling hygiene companies have to do with צער בעלי חיים? Well, many companies test their products on animals. They do this because they don’t want to test it on humans if it doesn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. Also, some companies use animal byproducts, or parts of animals, in their products. I know right, gross. We are going to call these companies that we use products from everyday, to find out if they test on animals, or use animals byproducts. Some products say vegan or not tested on animals on the back, so we don’t have to ask about that. Other places like hospitals test on animals before humans, so it is Ophir just in hygiene products.

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