My Ethical Will

In Mitzvot, we learned about the importance of an ethical will. An ethical will talks about all of your hopes and dreams for your children, not your possessions. Here is my ethical will:

Dear Family,

This is my ethical will. I want you to try your best when doing tough tasks. Even if you fail, persevere. Embrace you Jewish heritage-it sets you aside from over half the world, and it makes you unique. Always be yourself, even if you are not liked for it, because you are great. Make sure to know who your superiors are, and respect them. Do good deeds and be humble. Volunteer and observe Mitzvot. Keep kosher and go to shul every week. Work hard and make lots friends. I want you to not mourn excessively, but remember all of the joyous things we did together. Please read this once a week and do all of these things. I will love you all forever.


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