Working at Feeding America for the First Time

Today my class and I went to Feeding America to work for the first time. Feeding America is an organization that gets a lot of food from supermarkets, and gives it to people that need it. Today we went to Feeding Northeast Florida. We worked in two groups: packing food into boxes and transferring water bottles from a broken box to two new boxes. I was in the group that was transferring the water bottle.

Working at Feeding America was a lot of fun. Again, I was in the water bottle group. We started out by having an assembly line of people put the water bottles into the first box. But then it got hard to reach the water bottles that were lower in the box. So, we climbed on the sides of the box to reach the water bottles. It still was hard to reach the water bottles, so we cut open the side of the box. In the end, I got to stand in the box and hand out the water bottles. We each put in the last six water bottles at the same time. We really used team work.

Working at Feeding America fulfilled the Mitzvot of Tzadakah צדקה and Bal Tashchit בל תשחית. We fulfilled the mitzvah of צדקה because we were helping to give good to the poor, and we fulfilled the mitzvah of בל תשחית because by giving this food to people who need it, we are not wasting it. I felt so good working at Feeding America because I know that it is really going to help people. If you would like to volunteer at Feeding America clink here.

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