Getting Food for the Poor for Thanksgiving

On Friday, we went to Publix to collect food for the poor for Thanksgiving. We had a budget of one hundred sixty dollars per group, and we had ten carts, each for eighty dollars. We had to buy the cheapest foods to save money. My friend and I helped bag the food that we bought and it was a lot of fun.

 In Pirke Avot we are taught “Do not separate yourself from the Community.” אל תפרוש מין הצבור. How are we putting this verse into action when we purchase turkeys and food for Thanksgiving baskets?

This relates to a quote from Pirke Avot-do not separate yourself from the community-because it tells us not to act like we are superior to the poor. By helping the poor we are showing that we are all created equal. Helping the poor and getting them food made me feel really good.

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