Byron Watson: The Juvenile Delinquent

In the book The Watsons go to Birmingham, one of the main characters, Byron, gets into a lot of trouble; and having a friend like Buphead, does not help. I think that Byron does bad things and gets into trouble, because he is trying to be “cool” and impress all of his friends. Byron has a lot of friends that are older than him, and I think that they look a certain way or act a certain way that makes Byron think that he has to be like them to be deemed cool. Byron does some bad things and I am pretty sure that he thinks that it is cool!

Two ways that Byron has misbehaved, is when Byron plays with fire and cuts his hair. Byron likes to play with fire in the bathroom. He lifts toilet paper on fire, and he pretends that he is shooting a movie.Momma has already caught him, and told him that if he does it again, she will burn him. The reason she is so worried is because it is fire, and she had an incident with fire when she was younger. She tells Byron a story about how fire can burn down their house and ruin things, trying to make him not do it again, and to realize that playing with fire is bad. When he does it again, she burns one of his fingers. But he still doesn’t learn his lesson, because then he gets a new haircut. You might be thinking, oh, it’s just a haircut, but it is a conk, which means that he straightened his hair. His parents don’t like his new hair, because they say it makes him look Mexican, and he knew he wasn’t supposed to do anything to himself without their permission; he even tried to cover it up with a scarf. His dad then shaves off all of his hair as a punishment.

One example of people trying to act “cool” and be like others happening in real life is when one of my friends used to suck up to another girl because of her popularity. My friend would dress a certain way and act a certain way, just because this one girl did it. One of the flaws that the girl had, was that when she felt unsure of herself, she would get mean. She would say all of these hurtful things to everybody, including me. My friend copied her and was mean to everybody, even me. She would act really nice and be my friend when the girl wasn’t around her, but when she was around that girl, she was mean. I eventually told her what I thought was happening, she told me that it was true, and we resolved the issue.

In the end, Byron becomes a better person. He isn’t as much of a troublemaker, and let’s just say, I’m pretty sure Byron won’t be playing with matches in the near future. I think that deep down, the whole time he really did have love and affection for his family and he really did have a kind and caring soul, it just took a traumatic experience to bring it out. Through the ups and downs, he took care of his family, especially his younger brother. Why do you think Byron caused trouble?

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  1. You definitely “nailed” the character of Byron. Thankfully, Byron changed and became a better son and brother at the end of the book.

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