Bre’sheet Shabbaton

This week, I am going to a Shabbaton because this week’s parastatals is Bre’sheet. Bre’sheet is the first parasha in the whole Torah, and it talks about the creation of the world. There are six days of work and one day of rest. The first day of creation is when light and darkness were created. On the second day, the water was separated into the oceans and the sky. On the third day, water and land were separated, and plants grew. On the fourth day, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets were created. On the fifth day fish and other sea animals and birds and other flying animals were created. On the sixth day, every other animal was created, including us. On the last day, G-d rested. On each day G-d saw that what he created was good, and he said כי טוב. At the end of each day he said, יום בוקר ויהי ערב ויהי_____.

My teacher is having a Shabbaton at her house because we have been learning about parshat Bre’sheet. In preparation for the Shabbaton, my class went over to her house to make chollent, challah, salad, noodle kugel, and brownies to eat for lunch tomorrow.  I am looking forward to spending most of Shabbat with all of my friends. Because I keep Shabbat I don’t have many friends that live in walking distance form my house, so having all of my friends together in one place on Shabbat will be fun.  This will be different than a usual Shabbat, because I will be at someone’s house for 5 hours, and I will be with all of my friends on Shabbat. This is important, because it gets people who don’t usually keep Shabbat and go to shul on Shabbat to keep Shabbat and go to shul on Shabbat. I really am looking forward to the Shabbaton.

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  1. This was a very special Shabbat for me! I loved spending it with you and your classmates. I will remember it always!

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