Beware of the Wool Poo

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just finished reading The Watsons go to Birmingham. One of the book’s themes is finding courage to deal with problems. I wrote about two examples of this happening in the book. While reading, figure out which one you think is more courageous. I think that the second one is. I would like to be like the Watson children and have courage and bravery.

One example of this happening in the book is when Kenny goes swimming in a whirlpool, even though he was told not to. He imagined that he saw the “Wool Poo,” his imagination portraying what he thinks death looks like. He thinks that the Wool Pool brought his family around one last time for him to see. He sees his sister, Joetta, and she tells Kenny to swim up to the surface. When he tries to swim up to the surface, Byron, his brother, is there to help him out. This relates to one of the book’s themes, finding courage to deal with our problems. Kenny used courage because he didn’t have to swim up to the surface, he could have just given up and stayed in the water and died, but he didn’t and he lived. Byron also used courage; he went into the water to get Kenny even though it was dangerous and scary. Both of them used acts of bravery and courage.

Another example of people using courage in the book was when Kenny went into the church to see if Joetta was okay after the bomb blew up the church. There was smoke and blackened wood shards everywhere. He was scared, but he still went inside to get his sister and make sure she was safe. I know that I would have been frightened to go into the church and I would most likely think that if I went in, something would hurt me. I would like to believe that I would have enough courage to go into the church, but I probably wouldn’t. It was really braver of Kenny to do that, and I would like to learn from him and try to be more courageous myself.

What I have learned from the book is that the Watsons are really courageous and brave. As I grow older, I would like to be like Byron and Kenny. Both of them did things that they were scared of, and that was really brave. How brave do you think you are?

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