1963: How this Traumatic Year Changed the Watsons

In the book The Watsons go to Birmingham, the Watsons have a very interesting summer; I mean, they experienced a bombing. I think that this definitely changed them. The Watsons will most likely have a stronger bond after all of the trauma that they experienced. But, I also think that each one of them was changed too, especially the children.

I think that Momma and Dad changed and became a lot more cautious and protective of their children. Momma and Dad were frightened and wanted to make sure that their children were safe and not hurt. I know that I would have felt the exact same way if I had kids, and we weren’t all together when a bombing occurred. I would have been running around screaming my children’s names, crying, and digging through the rubble looking for them. This definitely was a terrible experience for Momma and Dad.

I think that Byron changed for the better. Byron is now caring and kind, when he used to cause trouble all the time. I know that Byron will keep an eye out for his siblings and make sure that they are okay. I think that Kenny changed and became a little more timid, but also more brave. He went into the church to find Joetta, and that takes guts. I think that he will be more sure of himself, and he will keep an eye out for his little sister. I don’t think that Joetta really changed; she didn’t even know that there was a bombing. But I do think that she will be a mature little girl as she grows older.

Overall, all of the Watsons changed in some way. They have all been scarred for life, but I think that they will embrace what they have seen, and use it to help them be kind. I think that they will definitely sympathize with any family that experienced or had someone experience a bomb. How do you think the Watsons changed?

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  1. You did a very thorough job explaining how all of the characters of the Watson family will change after their summer in Birmingham.
    Please remember to italicize book titles 🙂
    Great work Eliana!

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