Baal Tashchit

What do you do with your leftover food? Do you donate it, throw it out, or do you save it to eat again? Two out of the three things are great! Donating food is great and eating it again is just as good. A lot of food is being wasted and it isn’t good. Many people have little to no food and they don’t know when or where they will get their next meal. We have been studying the mitzvah of Baal¬†Tashchit, don’t needlessly waste. We need to be aware of food waste and it needs to be stopped. There is definitely enough food on our planet for every one, we just need to make sure everybody gets to eat it. Food is something that helps us stay alive and healthy. As a Mitzvah Project, once a month, my class will go to the Feeding America food bank of North Florida to package bags of food for the people below the poverty line. We also got bags of food to hand out to people that we see on the street who need it. I hope you will take this matter into your own hands and try to help people have more food. Good luck!

A Letter to Lee Kaplan, the Author of the Play, Bully

This week we went to a Bolles campus to see the play Bully by Lee Kaplan. Lee Kaplan wrote the play and stars in it. He was bullied in middle school, and his one-person play tells the story of it. I wrote a letter about the play to Lee Kaplan, so here it is.

Dear Lee Kaplan,

Thank you for inviting my middle school to your play. I definitely learned a lot from you. I learned that bullies can be terrible and need to be stopped. I also learned that bullying can be physical as much as it can be verbal. I know that being a victim can be really hard, but knowing that you are a previous victim really helps. It means that even though you are being bullied you can pick yourself back up, and you can become a great person and lead a great life. I agree with all of the steps that you said would stop people from bullying you. Stop caring, stick up for yourself, and know that you didn’t do anything wrong. It is important to stand up to a bully so they know that they are doing something wrong and it needs to be stopped. I hate when bullies get away with bullying others. You should definitely tell an adult if it gets to the point where it is getting way out of control. If my friend was being bullied, I would encourage her to stick up for herself and I would make sure to also talk to the bully. If my friend was a bully, I would tell her that what she is doing is wrong. If she wouldn’t stop I would just not be her friend anymore. Bullying is wrong and definitely needs to be stopped. Your play was very inspirational. I think everyone learned a lot about bullying and knows that it needs to be stopped.