The Mitzvot That I did This Summer

Describe one mitzvah that was part of your life this past summer. Which mitzvah was it? Explain what you did. Why was it important to you? How does/did observing this mitzvah make you feel?

This summer I did the mitzvah of Talmud Torah while I was at Camp Ramah Darom.  During Yahadut we studied the 39 Milachot and the rules of Kashrut.  Yahadut teaches about different things that happen in the Torah and in our communities.  Doing these projects made me feel like I was learning something new about being Jewish.  Now, let me tell you about the projects.

We watched a video about the 39 Milachot and then discussed how they appear in modern times. Then we did activities on what we talked about what you can’t do on Shabbat.  Like, we made knotted friendship bracelets to represent tying knots.  While we were learning about Kashrut we completed a Kashrut and Shabbat packet.  We also cooked dairy and parve brownies to learn about the difference in the ingredients used to make the brownies.  Then, we got to eat them.  It was fun and I really liked doing a Mitzvah, Talmud Torah!

What Mitzvot did you do this summer?  Comment your answers down below!

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