Test for Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs

1. What did Spyder send to Ben?

A. A Poisonous Cupcake

B. A Note

C. A Gun

D. A Poster of Taylor Swift

2. Where did Ben meet Murray?

A. Spy Camp

B. Spy School

C. At the Beach

D. FunLand

3. What camp did Ben go to?

A. Happy Trails

B. Ramah

C. Agawak

D. All of the Above

4. Who was the director of the camp?

A. Alexander Hale

B. Sabrina Carter

C. Chip Schacter

D. Woodchuck Wallas

5. Who did Ben get a Contract from?

A. Spyder

B. Disney World

C. SpongeBob SquarePants

D. The Director of the CIA


6. How did Ben and Alexander Hale get away from Spyder’s trap?

A. They Shot Back

B. They Didn’t

C. Erica Hale Grabbed Ben and they Jumped off of a Bridge

D. They Just gave Themselves to Spyder

7. Where were Alexander, Erica, and Ben Hiking to?


A. An Abandoned Fire Watch Tower

B. A McDonalds

C. The White House

D. A Treehouse

8. Where did Erica and Ben meet Cyrus Hale?

A. In Jail

B. At Ben’s Old Middle School

C. At Apple Valley Reformation Camp for Delinquent Teens

D. At the CIA Headquarters

9. Who is Cyrus Hale?

A. Erica’s Brother

B. Erica’s Uncle

C. Erica’s Grandfather

D. Erica’s Great Grandfather

10. Where was Spyder’s Hideout?

A. A Gated Community called Hidden Forest

B. An Abandoned Mine

C. The White House

D. A Panera

BONUS: What did Erica take from Murray?

A. His Gun

B. His Wallet

C. His Tooth

D. His Phone




Answers-1=B, 2=D, 3=A, 4=D, 5=A, 6=C, 7=A, 8=C, 9=C, 10=B, BONUS=C

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