Test for NERDS The Villain Virus by Micheal Buckley

1. What did the Villain Virus do?

A. It made people crave Chocolate

B. It made people suddenly Smart and Evil

C. It made people want to go to Villain Con

D. It made People happy


2. Who was the First member of the Nerds team to get the Villain Virus?

A. Matilda

B. Flinch

C. Duncan

D. Ruby and Jackson


3. What animal did Ms. Dove call her Students?

A. Camels

B. Monsters

C. Sharks

D. Birds


4. Who started the Villain Virus?

A. Ms. Holiday

B. The Lunch Lady

C. Heathcliff

D. The Antagonist



5. Where did the NERDS go to school?

A. Thomas Knowlton Middle School

B. Sugarland Academy

C. The CIA’s top Spy School

D. Colonial Williamsburg


6. Where did the Antagonist meet Miss Information?

A. Publix

B. Office Depot

C. Staples

D. Stapletown


7. Who are the Juvenile Delinquents that Flinch met?

A. Alex, Donald, and Roland

B. Sara, Tessa, Lily, and Alexandra

C. Toad, Wyatt, Hooper, and Toad

D. Hooper, Susan, and Wyatt


8. Where did the Nanobytes that were part of the Villain Virus come from?

A. A Parallel Universe’s Playground

B. Mars

C. Apple

D. Dr. Kim


9. What happened to Some of the Results of the test to see who had the Villain Virus?

A. A dog ate them

B. The got stepped on by a giant


D. Someone Deleted Them


10. Who betrayed the team?

A. Alexander Brand

B. Dr. Kim

C. Ms. Holiday

D. Dr. Yaxley


BONUS-Who is the Antagonist?

A. Dumb Vinchi

B. Heathcliff

C. Rapunzel

D. Miss Information



Answers: 1=B, 2=A, 3=D, 4=C, 5=A, 6=D, 7=C, 8=A, 9=D, 10=C, BONUS=A

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