Test for Evil Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

1. How does Ben get expelled from Spy School?

A. He throws a Grenade at the Students on the Red Team

B. He sits on the Sidelines eating Cupcakes and singing about Rainbows

C. He shoots an Active Bomb at the Principal’s Office

D. He kills everyone insight (even his own team mates)


2. When Ben is enrolled in Spyder’s school who are his School Mates?

A. Ashley Sparks and Nefarious Jones

B. Zoe Zibbell, Warren, Chip Schacter and Jawaharlal O’Shea

C. Whitney Slaperskin, Joshua Hallal, and Joane “I want to Kill you” Bomber

D. No one, He Is the only one There


3. How does Murray end up Living with Ben?

A. He gets Expelled from Spy School and joins Spyder

B. People from Spyder sprang Murray from jail

C. He had been Living there the Whole time but he just didn’t Leave his room

D. He flew in on a private jet from Hawaii


4. Where did Ben go when He left the Spyder Hideout?

A. Disney World

B. Cancun, Mexico

C. Sandy Hook

D. The White House


5. What is Spyder’s Hideout and What is it Called?

A. A beach house in the Bahamas

B. Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World

C. A Treehouse in Central, Park

D. A Gated Community call Hidden Forest


6. What is Hidden in the ground in Spyder’s Hideout

A. One Thousand Guns

B. Russian Missiles

C. Greek Grenades

D. Two Million Bombs


7. What is hidden Underneath the Rec Center?

A. An Ice Cream Sundae Bar with Toppings

B. A Meeting Room

C. A Room with Giant Computers

D. All of the Above


8. What does Ben ram into the Side of the Wall surrounding Spyder’s Hideout?

A. A Garbage Truck

B. A Giant Ball of Yarn

C. A Bulldozer

D. A Wrecking Ball


9. Whose hand is Ben holding when the Rec Center is blown Up?

A. Zoe Zibbell’s

B. Ashley Sparks’

C. Erica Hales’

D. Brittany Spears’


10. What Body Part (s) did Joshua Hallal lose?

A. His Leg, His Hand, and His Eye

B. His Face

C. His Butt and His Sixth Toe

D. His Pinkies (Fingers and Toes)


BONUS: What did Alexander Hale name the Cat that He found at the Restaurant?

A. Lucifer

B. Mr. Wigglebottom

C. Ms. LoveyFace

D. Adele



Answers: #1=C, #2=A, #3=B, #4=C, #5=D, #6=B, #7=D, #8=C, #9=C, #10=A, BONUS=B

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