A Test for Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

1. Why was Ben accepted to Spy School?

A. He had an Exceptionally Good Talent in Cryptography

B. He was Really Good at Sports

C. He was Really Good at Math

D. A and C
2. Who broke into Ben’s room his first night?

A. Erica Hale

B. An Assassin

C. Cookie Monster

D. No one
3. Where was Ben moved after someone broke into his room?

A. The Box


C. Back to His House

D. The Cafeteria
4. What is Zoe’s nickname for Ben?

A. Benny

B. Big Bad Ben

C. Smokescreen

D. Sligh-Dog
5. What test did Professor Crandall give Ben?

A. He got Attacked by Ninjas

B. He had to take a Ten Page Four Question Test

C. He had to Stack Rocks

D. He had to Dismantle a Bomb
6. Who captured the flag in the school’s annual game of capture the flag?

A. Zoe

B. Ben

C. Warren

D. Erica Hale
7. Where did Erica take Ben while she was helping him uncover the mole?

A. The White House

B. The Washington Monument

C. Sandy Hook

D. Hollywood
8. Whose spot did Ben take at Spy School?

A. Brittany Spears

B. Taylor Swift

C. Gavin Stikes

D. Joshua Hallal

9. What does Warren specialize in?

A. Detonating Bombs

B. Cryptology

C. Camouflage

D. Flirting

10. Who was the Mole?

A. Murray

B. Chip

C. Erica

D. Zoe

Answers-1=D, 2=B, 3=A, 4=C, 5=A, 6=D, 7=B, 8=D, 9=C, 10=A

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