מכת דבר

We are on מכת דבר in our study of the ten plagues.  דבר is cattle disease, so all of the מקנה of the Egyptians died.  משה warned פרעה about this plague, but פרעה still didn’t let בני ישראל go.  I mean המקנה give the Egyptians cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt, pizza, cream cheese, butter, etc.  If I was פרעה I would have let בני ישראל go because המקנה give the Egyptians many necessary things for life.  But no, פרעה wanted servants and told them no, no, no, I will not let them go.  So ה׳ brought on מכת דבר.  During מכת דבר there was a “separation” between the Egyptians and בני ישראל in ארץ גושן (where בני ישראל lived) there was no animals were dead, but in מצרים animals were dropping like flies.  I feel really bad for the Egyptians, because they had to see all of their מקנה die for an entire week!  One of פרעה’s workers actually confirmed that בני ישראל’s מקנה were still alive, but פרעה was as stubborn as a mule and refused to let בני ישראל go.  Miraculously, פרעה managed to harden his heart even more, it is probably darker than coal.


Everyone Should Try International Travel

Have you ever wondered why so many people travel internationally? It may not seem like a big deal, but it actually is. Susan Burkhart, a fifth grade teacher, traveled to Europe and she said, “It changed my point of view of the world.” I think everyone should be able to travel to foreign countries because it helps open your eyes to many different things.

According to Omniglot learning a second language improves your understanding of the world. “Learning a new language gives you a greater understanding of the world we live in. Even by learning a few phrases, never mind a whole language, you will access many fascinating cultures around the world and understand the differences between the two countries.” Learning a second language is obviously important, and there is no better way to learn one than traveling internationally. When you travel internationally you can surround yourself with many different languages, and maybe even learn a word or two.

Many Americans travel overseas every week; some on business, some visiting relatives, and some just on vacation. Huffpost Travel says that not even half of the American population travels internationally a year, “Only about 42% of Americans travel overseas a year.” I think that that is pretty sad, but to most Americans that is an accomplishment. Many Americans don’t even like to leave their home state. If I ever meet someone like that I will try to persuade them to get out of their comfort zone and travel to new, exotic places. I will tell them that they should try all of the many things that you can’t do if you stay cooped up in your house 24-7. That is another reason why you should travel internationally, to try new things. Just imagine all of the things you can do and explore; it is just mind-boggling!

Another thing that is a plus about traveling internationally is all of the food that you can try. Trip Advisor says that six of the top ten sushi restaurants are located in Tokyo, Japan. So, if you want to try “world class” food, you’ve got to hit the road! I love to try new food, and traveling internationally gives you a plethora of chances to do it.

All in all, traveling internationally gives you a ton of chances to do and try new and exciting things. When traveling internationally you can learn a few words of a new language, do extraordinary things, and try many different types of food. As Mark Twain said, “Broad, wholesome, charitable views of man and things cannot be acquired by vegetating one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.”

Sofer Rabbi Salazar

A few weeks ago a sofer סופר came to our school. A סופר is a person who fixes Torah scroll. His name is Rabbi Salazar. He told us about the things that he does. If there is a blended letter, he will use a special scratcher to scratch out the letter. After that he will use a נוצה-a quill or feather and special דיו-ink to rewrite the word in Torah font. The Torah needs to be made of all Kosher ingredients, so all of the components are either plant-based or the skin of a kosher animal. The קלף-parchment usually the skin of a cow but is also sometimes the skin of a deer. The דיו is plant-based and made with ingredients that range from tree bark to honey. We learned that there is no place to learn how to be a סופר. To become a סופר you become an apprentice to an experienced סופר and learn from them. It basically goes from one סופר to the next. The “teacher” must share all of the facts about fixing a Torah. They must share the recipe to make the דיו and practice with them until the apprentice can make it perfectly. I really learned a lot about being a סופר and I think that the rest of the class did too. Thank you Rabbi Salazar!

מכת ערוב

We are now learning about מכת ערוב in our study of the ten plagues.  This is the first plague that gets deep.  First of all ערוב means wild animals, so this is the plague of wild animals.  It affected the מצרים and the ערוב even killed their animals.  I would be scared to death if I was an Egyptian. Now let’s dive deeper into מכת ערוב.  So far אהרון has started all of the plagues, but this time ה׳ started it.  Also, פרעה said that he would allow בני ישראל to give a קרבן if משה stopped the plague.  But, as soon as משה stopped מכת ערוב, he took took everything he said back.  After a week of ערוב I would definitely let them give a קרבן, but פרעה is just too stubborn. Somehow his heart was still able to harden.


מכת כינים

In מכת כינים a very important thing happens.  Yah yah, אהרון started it, it affected פרעה המיצרים והבהמות של המיצרים, הלב של פרעה hardened, and it lasted about a week.  But, החרטומים של פרעה finally realized that ה׳ is really working miracles.  They said, ״אצבע א-לוהטים היא.״. That is a very famous line.  Unfortunately, פרעה didn’t believe them and kind of shunned them.

I made a four slide comic strip like always.  The first slide contains a picture of משה warning פרעה about מכת כינים.  The second slide shows אהרון making הכינים.  The third slide portrays החרטומים trying to duplicate, move, and get rid of הכינים (they weren’t able to do it).  The last slide shows החרטומים telling פרעה ״אצבע א-לוהים היא.״. I hope you like it!


Ratio Math Test

In math we took a test on ratio.  I got a 95 on it.  I missed the question because I read the problem wrong.  I need to practice reading the questions better.  Besides that one problem I did amazing!  I even did a problem that Mrs. Burkhart took off the test, and got it right.  I think that ratios are kind of easy, but there is always room for improvement.  When we went over the tests I knew the answer to the question that I got wrong right away.  Next math test, I will get a 100!😊


Our Second UNF Field Trip

כל שנה כיתה ״ד״ ו כיתה ״ה״ הולכים לUNF. כל שנה אנשי טבע מדברים ומלמדים אנחנו על הסביבה. בUNF יש כל מיני דברים שאנחנו יכולים לראות ולגעת. אין פרדסים או מטעים אבל יש הרבה שבילי טבע. אנשי הטבע למדו אותנו על ״זאב ערבות של שקט״ זה סימן לשקט. אחרי ארוחת צוהורים אנחנו שיחקנו ״לתפוס את הדגל״. אני שמחה ויש לי חיוך כל היום.

We went to UNF today as a field trip. We had Ranger Jake again-we had him last year! He can do an owl call and it is really cool. We went on a nature walk and saw the oldest tree at UNF. The tree was about 600 years old. We learned that if you hollow out a hole from one end to the other and count the rings on it, then you will figure out how old the tree is. The total number of rings divided by two equals the age of the tree.

Also instead of playing Capture the Flag after lunch, we played Capture the Egg. There are two teams and three lines. The line in the middle indicates the border between teams. The other two lines indicate the Defender’s Area for each team. The Defender is the only one from their team in the Defender’s Area and when defending us the only one able to tag in the Defender’s Area. If someone else tags a person insidethe Defender’s Area, the other team automatically wins that game. The other section is where the rest of the team is. They can tag the other team’s players if they cross the border. If you get tagged you have to go back to your team’s side-no outs. There are tennis balls in the middle, your team has to grab as many as they can when the game starts and bring them to the Hoola-Hoop in the center of the Defender’s Area. The Defender’s job is to guard the tennis balls. The other team tries to take them and bring them to their own side. There is a special ball that is with two points. All of the tennis balls are worth one. The team with the most tennis balls after ten minutes of going back and forth from one side to the other wins the game. It was really fun. We played two rounds; my team won both rounds.

After that we had to leave, but before we left we purchased a book called, “A Home For Ozzie” written by Ranger Jake himself. You should get one of your own at UNF today. All of the money from book purchases will go to fixing up the older trails so people can go on them again. Overall, UNF is one fun place!