Sivivon Picture

In art we made dreidel pictures using the method of Chuck Close.  Chuck close is disabled and can’t move from the waist down.  He has a special thing to help him move the paint brush.  He also has dyslexia so it is hard for him to focus on the whole picture.  He has motorized turner to turn the painting around because he can’t do it himself.  He grids his paintings and focuses on one square at a time.  He does different designs in each square with different shade of one color (if you don’t get that just look at the picture and it will most likely make sense.   My favorite part of making this is the fact that this was the first time Mrs. Gutterman did this style of art with a class.  It was really fun and I liked being able to be creative with my designs (all though it is really stressful).  I don’t think that I would change anything because it looks really good to me.


Skyping With Our Pen Pals

For Hanukah my class made our own Hanukiot. Hanukah is a celebration for two miracles. One of them is the one where the small Macabees conquered the big Greeks. The other one is the one where the small pitcher of oil lasted in the Menorah for eight whole nights. What a miracle. That is why we light a Hanukiah for eight nights. A Hanukiah is a newer version of a Menorah. We light the Hanukiah every night for eight days, adding one more candle each night. There are eight candles on a Hanukiah (nine including the Shamash). I made mine using materials from the beach and wood. I called it The Calm Ocean, because it looks like the ocean. They were displayed at multiple events, and all of the Hanukiot were really creative. We skyped with our pen pals in Hadera, Israel (for the first time) and showed them our Hanukiot. I think that they really liked them. I enjoyed skyping with my pen pal Noa, and making my Hanukiah.



Science Scoop #2

In science this quarter we did another Science Scoop.  This time we had to do things like make a volcano, or show how the tectonic plates move, etc.  I drew the care “Artsy Pants Earthquake Map”; that means that I had to make a three dimensional (3D) poster of an earthquake map.  I think that I followed the rubric exactly, and I definitely worked for more than four hours.  If I could change anything, I would probably make the ocean out of something besides beads, because two beads fell off while I was presenting.  Besides that, I think my Science Scoop was perfect.

A picture of me with my Science Scoop