Why is This Banned!!

Eliana's Banned Book Poster


In Library we learned about banned books, and Mrs. Hallett showed us an example of a banned book poster.  We then picked a book to do our poster on, and I picked Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes.  After we picked an app to make our poster on and I picked Google Drawing.  I researched why it was banned, and I figured out that it is banned because of offensive language and being sexually explicit.  Next, I had to complete a graphic organizer on what I needed in my poster.  I needed the title and author of the book, a picture of the book, a catchy title, why it is banned, a description of the book, if it won any awards, and of course a citation(s) of the website that you used to get your information.  After that I added all the information and the picture into my poster, it was done, easy as pie.  If I could do anything differently next time, I would probably make the poster cooler.



3/4 Portraits

In art, we made 3/4 (three quarter) view self portraits.  We learned about how VIncent Van Go and Rembrandt painted portraits using 3/4 view.  I learned that the famous important painters painted themselves holding a paintbrush and a pallet, and them standing in front of an easel.  Van Go wasn’t very confident in himself, but he still painted himself holding a paintbrush and a pallet while standing in front of an easel.  Here is a picture of my 3/4 viewself portrait (I didn’t finish it yet, but when I do I will put it up):


During the holiday Sukot (סוכות) I learned about the Uspizin (אושפיזין or Biblical Guests).  You might be wondering what this has to do with 3/4 view portraits, but I made another 3/4 view portrait on an Ushpiza (אושפזה or Biblical Guest (f)), and she was Miriam (מרים), and I put my picture of her up in the Sukah (סוכה).  Her character traits are: brave, smart and thankful.  She is brave and smart because she helped Moses (משה) lead the Jews (בני ישראל) out of Egypt (מצרים).  She is thankful because she was the first one to break into song and say thank you to G-d when they got through the sea. Here is the picture of Miriam that I drew:


The Three Traits That a Best Friend Should Have: An Awesome BFF

In Language Arts our first writing assignments was to write an essay on the three traits a best friend should have.  This is my essay and a picture of my essay:

What do you look for in a friend? I look for honesty, loyalty, and optimism. I think that these are important because friends should be everything you want them to be. You should also be everything that your BFF wants. They should always treat you the way you want to be treated.

Friends should be honest. You don’t want your friends to lie. Honesty goes with trust, and if you can’t trust your friend, well you might have an unhealthy relationship. You should be able to trust your BFF with your deepest darkest secrets. You need to be able to trust your BFF.

Loyalty is key, but it is also very hard to explain. I think of loyalty as two things: understanding and having your back. Your BFF should understand you. They should know just how to cheer you up when you are sad. They should also always, Always, ALWAYS have your back when someone is being mean to you.

OPTIMISM! Your BFF should mostly be filled with sunshine. You should be able to rely on them to give you pep talks, and always be the sugar in your lemonade. You should look forward to spending time with them, because they are fun to hang out with. Being around your BFF should add a pep to your step. Your BFF is someone you should like a lot.

These are the traits I look for in friends. I also try to be them myself. I want to give my BFF everything that she gives me back. I hope that reading this will give you new things to look for, when you are looking for another friend. Remember, you can never have to many friends.




I worked extremely hard on this essay, and I think that it really shows.  I checked my essay five times, plus I had three peer graders to make sure that I had correct spelling, grammar, and had no sentence fragments.  I also went over every paragraph when I finished them.  I read my essay twice every night before I went to bed, just to make sure that I had a perfect essay.  In the future, I would like to add more professional words instead of “really” and “good”.


Every Monday we have a math quiz, here is an example of one of my quizzes.  Math is one of my favorite subjects, and I get pretty good scores on my quizzes.  One of my tricks is to double even triple check my work, before putting it in the “inbox”.  I also always study before every quiz.  I know my times tables really well too.  The way that I can improve on my quizzes, is that I can try to study even more than I already do.

This is a picture of my latest math quiz.  Look, I got 100%!


Science Scoop

For Science this quarter we did the Science Scoop.  For Science Scoop, I picked the card Wild Card-that means that I could do anything.  I made a game to review what is in the nose, mouth, eye, and the ear.  I memorized the rubric so much that I actually had dreams about it.  I also worked really hard on it, it literally took me a whole day to make it.  I know a lot about the senses, and the class knows a lot about it too.  Both groups finished in under two minutes.  Next time, I will definitely try to teach the class something new, because reviews might be a little to easy for them.


This is me holding my Science Scoop project.

Tribal Bible

For Social Studies this quarter, we did the Trible Bible. We got different Native American tribes to study, and I got the Iroquois tribe. I worked really hard on my Trible Bible project. I was up till 11:00 making my artifact and it was really creative. I made sure that my partner and I stayed on task when we were researching. My partner was Mason T, and I believe that we worked really well together. If I could change something about our project, I would probably add more pictures, because we had a lot of information, but our pictures were small.

This is a picture of me and Mason.


This is our Trible Bible project:

A.R Test for Little House In the Big Woods by: Laura Ingalls Wilder

  1. Write down your answers as you go. Then check the answer key at the bottom when you are done.

1. What did Mama make with straw?

A. Baskets

B. Hats

C. Blankets

D. Mittens
2. What color hair did Laura want?

A. Blonde

B. Black

C. Purple

D. Rainbow

3. What did Grandpa run into on his way home?

A. A bear

B. Laura

C. A Panther

D. A Goat

4. What is Laura’s baby sisters name?

A. Mary

B. Carrie

C. Dorothy

D. Bonnie

5. What instrument does Pa play?

A. Piano

B. Fiddle

C. Guitar

D. Drums

6. What did the Laura and Laura fight about?

A. Having the prettiest baby sister

B. Having better eyesight

C. Reading bigger books

D. Having the prettiest hair

7. What happened to cousin Charley in the field?

A. He fell into a hole

B. He got stung by yellow jackets

C. He helped Pa and Uncle Henry

D. He ran away to play with his cousins

8. What did Laura get for Christmas that nobody else got?

A. Mittens

B. An apple stuffed with cloves

C. A candy cane

D. A doll

9. What did Grandpa do when he was a boy on Sunday that was bad?

A. He ran and screamed

B. He tackled his brothers

C. He went sledding

D. He killed a bear

10. What did Mary give Laura on her birthday?

A. A new dress for her doll

B. Six spankings

C. Five little cakes

D. A little wooden man

BONUS: What is Laura’s doll’s name

A. Alexandra

B. Bonnie

C. Charlotte

D. Daisy

Answer Key

1. Hats 2. Blonde 3. A Panther 4. Carrie 5. Fiddle 6. Having the prettiest sister 7. He got stung by yellow jackets 8. A doll 9. He went sledding 10. A new dress for her doll BONUS: Charlotte

Vocabulary Words From Hagai Tishrai-חגי תשרי


In Jewish Studies we learned about the holidays Rosh Hashanna, Yom Kipper, Sukot, and Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah.  My group had to find vocabulary words for each holiday, and put them in the correct basket.  It was to test our knowledge of the holidays, and to make sure that we know where the words belong.

For Rosh Hashanna two examples from the basket for letters that can make many words that have to do with the holiday,  and in Hebrew it is called שורש המילה.  The basket is called מילים של מבנה in Hebrew, and the words are: ח.ד.ש and ש.פ.ר.

For Yom Kippur two examples that are also from the basket for letters that can make many words that have to do with the holiday, and in Hebrew it is called שורש המילה. The basket is also called מילים של מבנה in Hebrew, and the words are: ח.ז.ר and ח.ש.ב.

For Sukkot four examples that are from the basket of words that we won’t necessarily use again during the year, but have to do with the holiday. In Hebrew, the basket is called מילים מיוחדות לנושא in Hebrew, and the words are: סוכה, סכך, ארבעת המינים, and אושפיזין.

For Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah three examples that are from the basket with words that we will use during the year that also have to do with the holiday. The basket is called מילים חשובות ופעילות in Hebrew, and the words are: תורה, התחלה, and גשם.