Compare and Contrast Sukot and Yom Ha-Atz-Ma-Ut

We read a book about all of the holidays.  Yom Ha-Atz-Ma-Ut is worried that nobody will celebrate him, but all of the other holidays tell him that people will.  Then, we got paired up with another person, and we got assigned to a different holiday.  My partner was Eva, and my holiday was Sukot.  We wrote down different facts about each holiday, and then we made a Venn-Diagram.

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Then, we had to make a presentation.  For our presentation, we made a video.  We shared all of the facts that we has.  We took turns recording, and it is in Hebrew.  Here is our video:


יום העצמאות 2015

יום העצמאות is Israel’s Independence Day.  It is also Israel’s birthday.  Israel is turning 67 years old today.  Every year we have stations based on different themes.  This year the theme was arts.  The stations were: culinary arts, drawing art, Israeli TV and movies, singing and dancing, and learning about Israeli authors.

In Israeli TV and music we watched a movie in Hebrew.  There was a lot of singing.  I have to be honest, I didn’t really like the movie, but I thought that for some people it is teaching them more Hebrew.  I like watching things in Hebrew because it expands my vocabulary.

In culinary arts I learned how to decorate cupcakes with a professional touch.  Gv’eret Rogozen taught us how to make little dots with the frosting.  She told us to make a dot, and drag a little icing and so on.  I also learned about different tips on a piping bag.  We used two tips, a regular tip, and a star tip.  I liked the star tip the best.

The Israeli author that we learned about, was Naomi Shemer (נעמי שמר).  She is the author of many books, and when Israel got Jerusalem back, she wrote the song ירושלים של זהב (Jerusalem of Gold).  Our Jewish Studies teacher read us one of her books, אנשים טובים (Good People).  After she read the book, we created bookmarks to go along with the book.

In art, we drew doors.  We drew doors because in T’zvat, people put things on their doors that represent who they are.  Their is blue on many of the doors.  The reason is that blue represents heaven.  During art, I learned that blue represents heaven, and white represents earth.  I like dancing, but I thought that it would be hard to draw dancers doing leaps, so I drew vines, pomegranates, a big Star of David, and colored in the rest blue.  I drew the pomegranates because in second grade I studied the pomegranate tree.  I drew a big pomegranate, and a small pomegranate.  The small pomegranate is the door knob.  I drew the Star of David because I am Jewish, and you know why I used blue.  This station was one of my favorites.

In Israeli dancing and music, we sang ירושלים של זהב, and we danced.  Some of the dances weren’t Israeli, but most of the dances were Israeli.  I especially liked it because at Camp Ramah Darom, they do the same dances.  All the people who were teaching the dances go to Ramah.  I have gone to Ramah for two years (one week, and one month), so I knew the dances really well.  The helpers asked me to teach with them but I said no.  They told me that they were following me.  This station was also one of my favorites.

If there could have been a sixth station, I think it should have been about the ceremony that they do to start יום העצמאות.  Our Jewish Studies teacher showed us a video of it, and they honor people who do things that help the community.  One person was only 17 years old!  They also have dancing and singing.  Soldiers come out with different flags, and march around.  They make pictures of all the things that Israelis have made.  It is really cool.  It would be awesome if everybody could see it.

Overall, יום העצמאות is a really fun day.  Although, the day before יום העצמאות is a sad day.  It is called יום הזכרון (Israel’s Memorial Day).  On יום הזכרו we honor all the soldiers who died while fighting to keep Israel free.  We have יום הזכרון before יום העצמאות to remind us about how Israel became free, before we celebrate it.  I hope you learned something from this.  If you would like to learn more about Israel, post a comment saying so and I will make another post with more facts.