My 2015 Passover Project: בכל דור ודור חייב אדם לראות את עצמו כאילו הוא יצא ממצרים

For Passover this year we will be doing stations.  Fourth grade’s station is to show a video that we made about Passover to our guest.  Here is how it goes:


                                                            The Process

We read a story about how kids went back in time and learned the story of Passover through time travel.  We had to show how we thought the Jews felt about being slaves.  We could either be a slave and show how we felt, or we could be an outsider, watch the slaves, and then say how we thought they felt.  I chose to be a slave.  We had to make a storyboard for it before we could make it on an app.  Here is my storyboard:





We then had to use backgrounds from “JI Studio”  and then transfer the pictures to an app that you can record in.  I chose to use the app “Pixie” to record.


                                                       The Video


At the beginning of the video, I am having a Seder with my family. It is really late, so I fell asleep. I dreamt that I was a slave in Egypt, and I was mad at Pharoh. I ran away from Egypt to the desert. I saw Moses talking to G-d, and then Moses turned around and asked me to help him talk to Pharoh. When we arrived, Moses was scared, so I told Pharoh to let the Jews go instead of Moses saying it. Pharoh says no, but gives in after ten plagues. Moses tells us that we have to eat the Seder fast, because G-d is taking us out of Egypt. Moses asks me if I would like to lead the Jews out of Egypt and I say yes. At the end, I am singing a prayer with Miriam. Then, my mom wakes me up and tells me it is time to say what I learned about Passover. I smile, because I remember the dream that I just had.


My First Book Trailer!!

I made this trailer on Inkheart because it is one of my favorite books. It is about a young girl who finds out that her father has a hidden talent. They embark on a remarkable journey, and to find out more read the book. I told you this because I REALLY want you to read this book, because it is AWESOME!!!! Cornelia Funke is such a great author.

In Library, we learned about book trailers. We learned that you have to have a hook, cliffhanger, story problem, at least three events, the book title, the author(s) name, your name, your school name, the date, the character(s) name, and then you can add any other stuff to make your trailer creative.  I decided to do my book trailer on Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.  We used the app “Frames” to create our book trailers.

I liked this activity and would definitely do it again, although I would probably do it differently.  If I was teaching this activity, I would teach every step to it first.  For example, one day I would show them how to animate, and then they would animate everything they need for that day.  If they finish doing that, they can add new stuff to their reflections.  I would want them to start their reflections at the beginning and make an introduction.  Then, as they learn each new step to making their book trailers, they will add a new paragraph for the steps and talk about them.