Quad Blogging: All About MJGDS

Hi! I am so exited to be Quad Blogging this year! I have never done Quad Blogging before, have you? I will tell you a little about my school, the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. I am in fourth grade, and I have eighteen kids in my class.


So, at my school we have a student council, the Knesset. The reason the student council is called the Knesset, is because Knesset is the name of the Israeli Council. My job in Knesset is the Rosh Tefillah. That means that during the meetings I have to give a D’var Torah, a summary of the Torah portion that week. In Knesset we donate money to foundations like Memories of Love, and this year we donated money to some kids in Israel so that they could build a bench in honor of an Israeli soldier. We will also have a Spirit Week this year where we will have blast to the past day, pajama day, character day, team spirit day, and crazy hat day this year.


Picture from the MJGDS Flicker Account.

We have a 1:1 iPad program for fourth grade and fifth grade, so we all have iPads. The 1:1 iPad program is were we use iPads instead of workbooks and textbooks. We use our iPads in all of our classes. We have book clubs, and have our book on the iPads. I am reading “Around the World In Eighty Days” the classic. The kids in my group are Daisy H, Saylor S, Ariel OJosh D, Anna F, Danny B, and of course, me. We are using the app “Subtext” to read the book, and we can highlight, answer questions, make discussions, look up the meanings of words, and many many more things.

Around the world

In Daily 3 we do Word Work, Work on Writing, and Read to Self. During Word Work we can do word games like, “Word With Friends“, “Moxie“, etc. We can also play board games.  During Work on Writing we usually have free writing time, but sometimes we have specific assignments.  Some of the assignments that we have had before this year are persuasive writing, persanol narratives, quad blogging, and of course much more.  I am sure you can assume what Read To Self is, and if you said reading in your head just to yourself, then you are correct!image


We have Pre K buddies, Pre K stands for prekindergarten. My buddy’s name is Jordan. We meet our buddies once a month, and once we did a play with them. Today we met with our buddies in Jewish Studies. We made trees on an app called “Pixie“. After we finished the project, Jordan and I were messing around on my iPad. We went into an app called “PicCollage“. We searched bunnies and cats and got all of these cute pictures. I really enjoy myself when I am around Jordyn.image


Picture from the MJGDS Flicker Account.

The last subject that I will be talking about is Jewish Studies. On Mondays, Wednsdays, and Fridays we start with Jewish Studies. In Jewish Studies we learn Hebrew, Hebrew is the language that they speak in Israel. We also learn about the weekly parshah. This week’s parshah is פרשת בשלח (par-shat bi-sha-lach). In פרשת בשלח the Jews, after being freed from Egypt, were going to ארץ כנען (Israel back then). God took them around דרך ארץ פלשתים (derech eretz plishtim) because God was afraid that if they went through they might get in a war. If they got in a war God was afraid that the Jews might get frightened and want to go back to Egypt. The Jews were wandering in the desert for forty years and then finally reached there destination. We also learn about the Jewish holidays. Some of the holidays are פורם טו ב׳שבת יום כיפור ראש השנה etc. (Purim, Tu B’shvat, Yom Kipur, Rosh Hashana, etc.)



Thank you Saylor S. for the picture.

Mystery Skype Reflection

Yesterday we skyped with a class from Poughkeepsie, New York.   It was a mystery Skype, so we had to guess their location.   My class guessed the right location first.   The class that we skyped with was a sixth grade class, and I am in fourth grade!   Their school is called Poukeepsie Day School.   The class that we Skyped with are learning about religion and I am Jewish.   We asked if they had any questions for us about being Jewish but they said no.

I was a Go-Between and the Greeter.   Go-Betweens are the people who goes around helping other jobs with their work.   I mainly went between the Dedicated Researchers and the Questioners.   The Greeter is the the person who greets the other class, and they have to prepare a little speech to greet them with.   Since the Greeter’s job is pretty small, I got to have two jobs.

If you happen to be a teacher that is looking at my blog, I highly recommend doing a mystery Skype with your class.

My Six Word Memoir About: Dance!

I have been dancing all my life, and I love it!   I hope to be a professional dancer when I grow up. A memoir is an event in your life that has had a big impact on you.   That is why my memoir is on  dance, which has been a big impact on my life.


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