Math SLC Reflection Fall 2014

imageThis is my best piece because I got 100 percent on this test, and it is on multiples.   This test reminds me of learning my multiplication times tables, and I think doing multiplication is very fun.   I selected this piece of work for my portfolio because I thought doing the test was fun.   It is my newest test, so I remember it more than my older tests.   If could work on my test more, I would just look at the test and smile because I got all of the questions right.   My work now is different from the beginning of the year because, at the beginning of the year I didn’t know half the things I know now.   The skills I learned from doing this test are, that I learned that multiples are basically multiplication.   I found this test slightly easy, and very fun.


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  1. Math was always my best and favorite subject. In first grade, I remember looking forward to my arithmetic lesson. Math is taught differently today. It’s more about understanding rather than memorization and working by rote.

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