Math SLC Reflection Fall 2014

imageThis is my best piece because I got 100 percent on this test, and it is on multiples.   This test reminds me of learning my multiplication times tables, and I think doing multiplication is very fun.   I selected this piece of work for my portfolio because I thought doing the test was fun.   It is my newest test, so I remember it more than my older tests.   If could work on my test more, I would just look at the test and smile because I got all of the questions right.   My work now is different from the beginning of the year because, at the beginning of the year I didn’t know half the things I know now.   The skills I learned from doing this test are, that I learned that multiples are basically multiplication.   I found this test slightly easy, and very fun.



Last Summer, I went to my beach house in Ocean City, MD with my Grandad and Grandmom. One day while we were there, my parents told us that we were going to go to FunLand with my cousins. I had never been to FunLand, and of course that day was Tisha B’Av (that is a holiday where you can’t eat) so my Dad could not eat any of the yummy food we were eating and just had to watch. He couldn’t even drink, and that day was exceedingly hot.


When we got to FunLand I saw a bright sign that read FunLand with flashing lights, and we met up with my cousins Delaiani, Geavani, Julienne, and Gabe and went to play games. After we played some games, we went to the area were we go on rides. We went in a GIGANTIC obstacle course, and it felt like we were in there for an hour. Then I went on a ride with Delaini and my sister Maytal, and you can see the entire park from the great view. We saw a colossal spinning diamond. I asked my cousin what it was and she said ” I don’t know, but I heard that you strap into a harness and the ground drops from underneath you. ” We went to ask my Mom just to make sure, and she said ” Not quite, you lean on panels and you stick to them. It is called a Gravitron. It spins around really fast, and when I went on one I felt like I was going to throw up. I wouldn’t go on that ride if I were you.” We decided that we might do it later, but we went on a Viking Dragon Boat ride. I wanted to sit in the front, but Delaini thought other wise. As we waited in line for the ride, she persuaded me by saying ” You don’t really want to sit in the front, do you? ” Even Geavani pitched in (he was going on the ride with Julienne) by saying ” You are crazy! ” but I had made up my mind. When we got in our seat she said, ” You know what, it was a good idea to sit in the front. ” When the ride started, it went super fast. We felt like we were going to fall off the ride, but then we got used to it and it was actually super fun. After that, we went on the GRAVITRON duhn, duhn, duhn……


When we got to the Gravitron, we were super nervous. Geavani was teasing us, because he had been on it before and he loved it. The person in charge called our names, and we shuffled to the front of the line. We got on, and saw a giant room with red mats attached to the walls. We stood against pads right next to each other. When everyone got on, the attentdent started telling us the rules. When she was done, music started blazing from the speakers. Delaini and I huddled together on the mats. When we got off, we were like ” I love this ride can we go on again! ” We went on about ten times, and it was our favorite ride.


After the park part, we played on the beach and then went to dinner. I had Fish N Chips for dinner, and Sunset Sherbet for dessert. After that we said good-bye, and hopped in the car with our prizes. Later that night, we stopped at McDonalds for my Dad to get something for dinner. When we got back to the house, we got in PJ’s and went to bed. I hope I get to go back to FunLand again.


The End

Native American Compare and Contrast


TIMUCUAimage                 APALACHEE


Pics from Foresman, Scott Social Studies: Florida. New York: Pearson Education, Inc, 2006.

I had to do a Compare and Contrast about two Native American groups. I picked the Apalachee (ap uh LACH ee) and the Timucua (tee MOO kwah) for mine.

The Apalachee men used deerskin for clothes, and the woman wore skirts made of Spanish Moss. A favorite game of the Apalachee, involved players kicking a small, hard ball into a goal (like soccer). The Apalachee built tall mounds, on which their chief and his council lived. When a chief died, he was buried in the mound with shell necklaces and copper shields. The Apalachee likely traded with people from other regions.

The Timucua’s main hunting tools were bows and arrows.   The Timucuan homes were round, and the frame was a set of poles driven into the ground in a circle.   The Skilled Workers, made pottery and canoes.   Each Timucuan village, had 50-300 people.   The Timucua had many leaders.   The villages each had a shaman, who performed religious ceremonies and helped sick people.

Both the Timucua and the Apalachee lived in villages.   They also both hunted for animals.   Both of them, had a council and a leader.   Lastly, both the Timucua and the Apalachee lived in northern Florida.

If/But Report for Nevada and Florida

imageI am going to tell you the steps of how I made the If/But Report.   Step Number One, I went to kids infobits database,,, and to find research about Nevada and Florida.   I sorted the facts from interesting, to dull and boring and put the interesting ones in a graphic organizer to help me figure out how to write it in my Pixie.   I went to Pixie to type the information into a text box.   My teacher instructed us to only use cartoon pictures, so that is what I did.   As you can see, I did a picture of Navada and put a rain cloud to represent only 7 inches of rain, the number 24 to represent 24 national parks, and I did a snowflake because Navada means snow capped in Spanish.   I also did a picture of a marsh to represent the Everglades, I did a whale to represent a whale in the Atlantic Ocean, and I did a flowers to represent the Orange Blossom.   I thought this project was really fun, and I would love to do this project again.


The Miraculas Journey of Edward Tulane, How I think Edward Tulane Might Change


My class is reading The Miraculas Journey of Edward Toulane.   Edward Tulane, the main character, is a china rabbit who is selfish and has a snobby attitude.   Abilene, his owner, loves Edward so much, but Edward doesn’t have much feelings back.   Pelligrina, Abilene’s grandmother, had Edward made, but I think she has somthing against him.

In chapter 6, the day before Abilene goes to London on a ship, Pelligrina finally tells Abilene a bedtime story, but it is and unusual one.   ” Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who couldn’t care less about love, but her father the king told her that she had to marry.   One day, a prince comes to the castle and says ” Princess, I love you very much.” and gives her a diomend ring.   The princess says ” Love, I hate love ” and she swallows the ring, and runs away.   Later, she finds a cottage.   She lets herself in, and sees a witch counting gold.   ” One hundred twenty – one, one hundred twenty – two ” and so on.   Anyway the witch turns her into a hog (I won’t tell you why) and goes back to counting her money.   The princess runs back out into the forest, and finds the castle guards looking for the princess.   She runs up to one and starts talking, but of course no one can understand her.   The guards traps her, and brings her to the castle butcher.   The butcher cuts her open, and what do know, the butcher finds the diomend ring that the princess swallowed earlier that day.   The butcher slips the ring onto her finger, and finishes slaughtering the hog.   The End ” says Pelligrina.


In chapter 7, Abilene goes on a ship to London, with her Mr. and Mrs. Tulane and Edward.   Pelligrina watches them leave from the dock.   She stares at Edward, her brown eyes glowing like chocolate under a fire.   Then the ships motor starts whirring, and Abilene starts yelling through her tears, ” Bye Pelligrina!   I will miss you so! ”  On the second day of their trip, some boys start rough housing with Edward.   One of them lost their grip on Edward, and Edward flew off the ship into the sea.   Edward sank and sank, and finally he hit the ocean floor.   Edward starts thinking, because he has nothing better to do, and feels his first emotion, fear!   Help, he thinks help.    After Edward fell into the sea, I predict that he  changes and becomes nicer.  After days and months, Edward gets caught in a fishing net.   An old man takes him out, places Edward on a crate positioning him so that he could look out at the water of the ocean.    It says on page 57, that  Edward appreciates the gesture, and starts to enjoy the ride.   I think if Edward finds Abilene, he will be more loving to her and won’t be so full of himself anymore.

Global Read Aloud Edward Tulane

image     We are reading Edward Tulane for the Global Read Aloud, and we are on the third chapter in the book.   So far we have learned that Edward has a big ego, and doesn’t like Abilene’ s parents (but favors her grandmother because she treats him like a real person, and not like a china bunny).   Abilene’s calls her grandmother Pellegrina, and Pellegrina had Edward made, and then gave Edward to Abilene for a present.   That is as far as we have gotten in the book, but I have some predictions.   I think Abilene will take Edward to school in her backpack, and he will fall out of her backpack.   I predict that Edward will try to get back home, and that will be the adventure he has.   I hope you choose to read this book after you read this post.   Check out this blog post by the Awesome Genuises!