What I did Last Week in Social Studies

imageIn Social Studies, we get a Scholastic News Weekly Reader.  This week I thought ours was particularly interesting.  One of the articles in the Scholastic News, was called Exercising Their Rights.  It was about three kids Dayne, Rylee, and Mason, who honored the person who their school is named after by fighting against Congress to make jumping jacks the state exercise (the reason is that the person the school is named after is said to have made up jumping jacks).  It says at the end of the article, that they did jumping jacks to celebrate.  Another article talks about a man named Fabian, who stayed under water for 31 full days and 31 full nights.  He did it to honor his grandfather who stayed underwater for 30 days.  Fabian broke the world record for staying underwater the longest a human has ever been underwater.  Another article (don’t worry I now this has taken a lot of your time, but this is the last article I will be telling you about for today) is about extinct pandas.  Here is one more message before you can leave, “Don’t cut down bamboo in China”.

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  1. Maybe one day you’ll honor one of your relatives as the people you read about did.

    “Scholastic News” is one of the good ways to keep up with current events.

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