Let’s Get a Puppy!

Dear Beloved Parents!

I think a puppy would be great for our family to bond more, because we could all walk him together.  Here are some reasons why we should get one.

When we get a puppy, I wouldn’t need as many toys because I would have an energetic playmate. I will contribute money to the puppy’s food.  When we get a puppy, I will MAKE SURE we get a hypoallergenic one so he doesn’t shed (so we can keep him, because Daddy is allergic to all shedding animals).  Maytal and I could pick the name together.  I will share him with Maytal, and we can take turns sleeping with him.  I will DEFINITELY pitch in to pay for him.  When we get a puppy I would send him to the vet so we can keep him healthy.  A puppy would be small, so Maytal will not be scared of him.  As the puppy grows, Maytal will not be scared, because she will know it is nice.

In conclusion, a puppy would be great for the family, and I will take responsibility for him.  I hope you say yes!

Your Trustworthy, Responsible Daughter,


2 Replies to “Let’s Get a Puppy!”

  1. Weird enough, just this past week I had a dream about getting a dog! You bring up some very good points, but there are still a few concerns I have.

    First, what do we do when we go on vacations? Especially during the summer when we’re gone for almost 3 weeks at one time! Do we board the dog? Find a friend to watch him / her? Is it fair to leave a dog for so long? Also, don’t forget you’ll be at Camp Ramah for a month.

    Another thought is about walking the dog. I love your idea of walking the dog together, but think about how often a dog needs to be walked. Even I don’t know that answer. You would need to research that. We can’t all walk the dog together when it’s past your bedtime, or when you are at school and we’re at work. What about when it rains? Are you going to want to go out in the rain?

    Something else to consider is the financial responsibility. You say you’ll want / need less toys since you can play with the dog. Interesting point. You also say you’ll contribute. Do you know just how much money a dog costs? Your contributions, no matter how much, won’t even come close to initial and ongoing expenses. Do you know how much it costs to buy, and then to care for, the dog? The dog will need a license, if it’s a puppy he / she will need to be trained, food, medical care, plus things for the house (ie. a doggie bed, toys, a leash…), plus things I’m not even thinking about at this moment.

    I’ve never had a dog before, but these are just the first thoughts that come to mind. I think your persuasive argument is a good start, but falls short. Taking care of a pet is a HUGE responsibility! You should talk to other pet owners to learn more.

    Good try kiddo, but no go. You’re going to have to earn your A all on your own

  2. You are a very responsible person, Elli.

    When I was younger than Maytal, my sisters and I were given a puppy, Melody. As a puppy, she was very frisky, and like Maytal, I was very nervous around dogs. Your prediction for Maytal came true for me, and Melody and I became best friends. She was always there for me to play with and to comfort me when I needed it.

    However, I never went on vacations or to overnight camp, so it was easier for me to care for Melody. Everyone else pretty much ignored her. If I slept at a friend’s house overnight,she didn’t get walked until I came home. It was not fair to her. Even though I commuted to college and was home every day, I worked, also, and I was not home much. I had to make a very hard decision to give her to a good family who had more time for her. It was very, very sad for me.

    I agree with Mommy. A dog is a big responsibility and is also costly. If your pet needs to see the veterinarian or needs an operation, it costs a lot of money. My friend told me she couldn’t afford to join the synagogue one year, because she had to spend $3,000 for an operation for her beloved cat.

    It’s probably better for you to spend as much time as you can with the dogs who are owned by people you know. When you visit me, you can see my neighbors’ dog and Bella and Brielle. And when you grow up, you can always get a dog on your own.

    It is so nice that you love animals like my father,who was a veterinarian. That could be a choice of a vocation for you.

    Love you forever to infinity and beyond!!!

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