Let’s Get a Puppy!

Dear Beloved Parents!

I think a puppy would be great for our family to bond more, because we could all walk him together.  Here are some reasons why we should get one.

When we get a puppy, I wouldn’t need as many toys because I would have an energetic playmate. I will contribute money to the puppy’s food.  When we get a puppy, I will MAKE SURE we get a hypoallergenic one so he doesn’t shed (so we can keep him, because Daddy is allergic to all shedding animals).  Maytal and I could pick the name together.  I will share him with Maytal, and we can take turns sleeping with him.  I will DEFINITELY pitch in to pay for him.  When we get a puppy I would send him to the vet so we can keep him healthy.  A puppy would be small, so Maytal will not be scared of him.  As the puppy grows, Maytal will not be scared, because she will know it is nice.

In conclusion, a puppy would be great for the family, and I will take responsibility for him.  I hope you say yes!

Your Trustworthy, Responsible Daughter,


What I did Last Week in Social Studies

imageIn Social Studies, we get a Scholastic News Weekly Reader.  This week I thought ours was particularly interesting.  One of the articles in the Scholastic News, was called Exercising Their Rights.  It was about three kids Dayne, Rylee, and Mason, who honored the person who their school is named after by fighting against Congress to make jumping jacks the state exercise (the reason is that the person the school is named after is said to have made up jumping jacks).  It says at the end of the article, that they did jumping jacks to celebrate.  Another article talks about a man named Fabian, who stayed under water for 31 full days and 31 full nights.  He did it to honor his grandfather who stayed underwater for 30 days.  Fabian broke the world record for staying underwater the longest a human has ever been underwater.  Another article (don’t worry I now this has taken a lot of your time, but this is the last article I will be telling you about for today) is about extinct pandas.  Here is one more message before you can leave, “Don’t cut down bamboo in China”.

You Should Read This Series : A Series Of Unfortunate Events

imageI am reading the books from A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.  You should read this series because bad things happen to children. The children are Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. They always make it out okay.  They move from family member to family member for some mysterious reason.  The stories about the Baudelaires really grab you and don’t let go.  Right know I am on the sixth book, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny go to live with Mr. and Mrs. Squalor.  So far my favorite part of the series is in the second book.  In the second book they to their Uncle Monty’s house, and see the Reptile Room.  All three children like the room A LOT!  Sunny finds a friend (I am not allowed to tell you who or what it is), Klaus gets a library with lots of books (he LOVES to read), and Violet gets inventing tools (she is an inventor, and when she ties her hair up in a ribbon you know that she is thinking up an invention.  So far Sunny is an infant, Klaus is twelve, and Violet is fourteen.  The Baudalaire’s religion is Jewdiasm, and I am Jewish!  I made a poem about Lemony Snicket.  I would be sad if Lemony Snicket stopped writing, because life would be so very boring.

?מה אני זוכרת על ראש השנה ויום כיפור

imageאני זוכרת על ראש השנה ויום כיפור

אוכלים ראש של דג, תוקעים בשופר, אוכלים רימון, אוכלים תפוחים בדבש, אוכלים חלה עגולה, מיתפללים במחזור וכותבים כרטיס ברכה בראש השנה

לובשים לבן, לא לובשים נעליים עור, צמים לא אוכלים ומיתפללים במחזור ביום כיפור

זה מה שעשיתי בשיעור עברית