Dear Mr. Henshaw

I love Beverly Cleary’s Ramona and Beezus books, and Dear Mr. Henshaw  is even better.  Dear Mr. Henshaw is about a boy, Leigh Botts, who writes to Boyd Henshaw, an author.  He reads Boyd Henshaw’s books like Ways To Amuse A Dog, Moose On Toast, and more.  Leigh’s parents got divorced, and his Dad is a trucker so he never really sees his Dad.  In the beginning of the story, Leigh moves to another part of California and goes to a new school.  It takes a while for Leigh to make new friends, but eventually he makes one.  People keep stealing the good things from his lunch, so he invents something to make them stop.  Leigh enters a writing contest, ( Mr. Henshaw gives him tips, like keeping a diary ) and  wins Honorable Mention.  A kid cheated in the contest, so Leigh ends up wining third place in the end. This is a great story and if you like Beverly Cleary books like me, you’ll love these other amazing books by Beverly Cleary.