My Vanished Summary

image410In the book Vanished by Sheela Chari, a girl named Neela gets one of her grandmother’s veenas (an Indian instrument ).  The one Neela gets is her favorite one.  Guess what Neela’s favorite snack is? (Hint: it is not an Indian type of food).  If you guessed potato chips you are correct!

Neela brings her new veena to school when they are learning about instruments around the world, when her frenemy Amanda Bones is suddenly interested in her veena.  Amanda is asking Neela if her mother can borrow it.  When Neela goes to an art lesson at the church, a strange man asks her to have hot chocolate with him.  While Neela is talking with this strange man, someone steals her veena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I like this book because Sheela Chari baised this story about her niece, Neela and a little about herself.  I Skyped with Sheela Chari, and she played her veena for me.  It sounds sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this book is a great learning tool, because I am learning about India and Indian cultures.  Neela’s grandmother, Lalitha Patti, lives in Chennai, India.

indian music

The Carnival – Wordly Wise Story

I’m going to a carnival this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I check my calendar everyday, because I am adding up the days until I can go.  It will be on the Gulf of Mexico.  There will be balloons scattered in the sky.  It will be a great experience because I have never and always wanted to go to a carnival.  I hope when I go on rides, that I will be thrilled and not scared. If there are battle games, I will fight hard and not surrender. I hope there are state games, because I want to governnation.  I will make my birthday a national holiday.  In the car ride to the carnival, I will not be hasty to get there.  I will not act with haste, even though I want to go on all the rides.





P. S. This whole story is made up. It is made up, because it is a homework assignment.


P. P. S. I used all of my “Wordly Wise Words”!

בכל דר בדור Our Passover Seder in the Desert



This is me drinking fake grape juice.  אני אוהבת פסח.   בסדר אני אכלתי מצה אני התחפשתי לשיפחה אני שרתי שירים אני בירכתי בירכת המזון אני בירכתי את הברכה של רחצה אני היקשבתי לתקליטור אני צילמתי תמונות עים כל הכיתה

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

UnknownIn this adventurous book by J.K. Rowling and Mary Granpre’, we find out about the keeper of the Riddle House, and the people hiding in it.  (In the first chapter.) Then, Harry Potter (son of James and Lily Potter) wakes up with a pounding headache and writes a letter to his secret pen pal.  A few days latter, he arrives at the Burrow (his friends’s house), and goes up to the attic to unpack.  Good News!  They go to the Quidditch World Cup!  Bad News! There are Death Eaters there.  One of them sent up the dark mark!  Harry and his friends (Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger) go to Hogwarts Academy for Witch Craft and Wizardy, and meet their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Alastor Moody (Mad Eye Moody) an Auror who worked For the Ministry of Magic.  I will NOT tell you the middle, but at the end, Harry goes through a terrible ordeal with Lord Voldemort.  I LOVE J.K. Rowling’s latest novel Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do You Want To Be A Firefighter?


If you are vigorous and responsible you should consider being a firefighter.  It is risky and you sometimes may have a lot of stress.  But, if you are up for it you should try it.  First, (once you graduate from college, and know how to drive) you must learn the basics.  Always remember that your primary responsibility is to put out the fires.  If someone pranks you, (by calling 911 just to amuse themselves) make sure that the policemen know about this.  Sometimes it’s frustrating being a fireman/lady but it is also quite fun.  In a fire, make sure every room is vacant before leaving.  People will know that you are very brave (and also very kind) if you risk your life just to save other people’s lives.  If you have to (or want to) build a fire engine, make sure to read the diagram thoroughly.  If you have a strong urge to help people, that’s another sign of you being a good fireman/lady.  You need to be honest all the time, or people might not help/trust you in a real emergency.  If you have family and kids it might frustrate you that you don’t spend enough time with them.  I hope they tell you that it’s okay, because you are helping the world become a better place.  I hope you become a firefighter.  I wish you good luck!!!! 🙂    P. S. I might want to be a fire fighter.