What I Did This Weekend

This weekend I went to ” Saint Augistine “.  We went to the ” Fountain Of Youth “.  I got to find out how the  Tummacans ( Native Americans ) lived.  I got to see their huts, I got to even do their chores!  I grounded corn to make grits, and cornmeal.  I learned how the Spanish invaded the Tummacans and told them that they had to follow their rules, or ” off with your heads “.  I got to see peacocks, watch a cannonball get shot, climb a tree that was bent almost all the way to the ground, and even see jellyfish in a river!!!!  I was even standing on the ground where the only christen tummacan was buried in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I also watched some of the Winter Olympics.  I got new shoes, went bungee jumping, got new socks, and even got to hold baby Noah.A.O!!!!!!



P.S. I went to ” Caps On The Water ” the restaurant, for dinner last night.

2 Replies to “What I Did This Weekend”

  1. What a busy weekend!
    Will you take me to the fountain of youth? I learned a lot from what you shared.
    Where did you go bungee jumping?
    Who are baby Noah’s parents?
    Love, love, love you xoxox

  2. Hi!!!

    I’ll take you to the fontain of youth. I went bungee jumping in the mall food court. Noah’s parents are Andrea and Rabbi O.


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