Two Haiku Poems

imageThe rules of Haiku poems are: 3 lines 5 syllables first line, 7 syllables second line, 5 syllables third line, try not to repeat words.image


Butterflies are cute.  I like Monarch Butterflies.  They are colorful.


I have an Ipad.  It is an electronic.  It is very cool!


Thank You for the picture Saylor!

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  1. Hi Elli D.,

    You are doing well writing your Haiku poems. Did you know they are usually about nature, like the one you wrote about butterflies? They, also, don’t have to be written in complete sentences. You should use a lot of adjectives to help the reader picture in his mind what you are telling him in your poem.

    Bright, hot, flaming sun
    Helps colorful flowers grow
    Living things need sun.

    Do you like my Haiku? They are fun to write.

    Love to infinity and beyond,
    Bubbie xoxo

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