Sheela Chari

I made up a Haiku Poem for Sheela Chari.  Sheela Chari rocks!  She wrote a book called ” Vanished “.  She plays the Veena.  That is my Haiku Poem.  Here is a link to her website:  sheela.  In ”  Vanished ” a young Indian American girl, Neela, loses her grandmother’s veena.  She tries to find it.  The new girl, Lin mysteriously knows a lot about veenas.  When Lin suddenly shows up at the exact moment Neela brakes the tea kettle, she instantly becomes one of Neela’s suspects.  When Neela follows Lin to the library, where Lin is researching a veena player( who died ) Neela gets even more curious.  Read the book to find out more!image

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  1. Hi Elli,

    In the school where I worked, our third graders would practice writing Haiku poems, too. Did you know they are usually about nature, and you don’t have to write complete sentences? They have a lot of vibrant adjectives to help the reader picture in her mind what the author wrote about. I’ll try to write one.

    Shining sun in sky
    Gives warmth and bright light to earth
    Helps living things grow

    Do you like my Haiku?

    Love to infinity and beyond,
    Bubbie xoxo

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