Our Class Game

We made up a game called TJ ( Tackle Jump )/ Keep Away.  Here are the rules: Tackle, keep the football away from the girls/boys, try to hurt the girls/boys, push, sweat, and have A LOT of FUN!!!!  We play girls against boys.  The boys always start with the ball.  It is an outside/indoor game.  You shouldn’t play unless you are in Second Grade or older.  We like to play in the gym ( gymnasium ), rooms that are carpeted, and rooms with VERY hard walls.  We also have to work together in are continents ( our seating arrangements ) to get our clips moved up on the clip chart ( behavior chart ). I LOVE our class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Dearest Elli,

    One day, when I’m visiting, maybe I can watch you and your friends play TJ/Keep Away. I’m impressed how you try to play in safe places, but do you really try to hurt each other? It sounds like it’s a fun game and good exercise.

    I’m so glad that you enjoy your class. You must have fun every day with your classmates.


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