How I Am A Smart Person

imageI am a smart person because I am very, very, very GOOD at math.  I can do very hard problems.  Here one example : six divided eight hundred, seventy two ( answer ) one hundred, forty five.  I like long division the best out of every single type of math I have learned so far.  I know my times tables ( one through twelve ) by heart.  I am also a VERY good reader.  I am on a Sixth Grade level ( in Third Grade ) in A.R. ( Accelerated Reader ) at my school.  I have been reading since I was three.  If you do not believe me my Mom has proof.

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  1. Hi Elli,
    Did you know that math was always my favorite subject since first grade? I was good at it, too. I almost became a math teacher.
    I have proof of your reading at three years old, also. It is the videos your proud Bubbie took of you when you were starting to read. I also have videos of you when you began reading Hebrew. I took as many videos of you as I could to show the first time you did, or experienced, new things.
    Some of the reasons you are a good reader is because you read so much every day, and because you love reading. Reading helps you learn many things.
    You try to do your best. I am proud of you for that, and happy that you are proud of yourself.
    Love to infinity and beyond!!

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