Our Class Game

We made up a game called TJ ( Tackle Jump )/ Keep Away.  Here are the rules: Tackle, keep the football away from the girls/boys, try to hurt the girls/boys, push, sweat, and have A LOT of FUN!!!!  We play girls against boys.  The boys always start with the ball.  It is an outside/indoor game.  You shouldn’t play unless you are in Second Grade or older.  We like to play in the gym ( gymnasium ), rooms that are carpeted, and rooms with VERY hard walls.  We also have to work together in are continents ( our seating arrangements ) to get our clips moved up on the clip chart ( behavior chart ). I LOVE our class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On The Other Side Of The Passage Way Is……….

On the other side of the passage way I see the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  I see Antoinette DE JONG ( the girl I am following ) winning gold for the Netherlands.  I also see me winning a gold medal and LOTS of cash for my Abstract Art.  I would become a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!  I would also see me in Israel riding a Cammel.  I would also see myself floating in the ” Dead ” Sea ( ים המלח ).  I would also see myself getting VERY cute clothes.  I would also see myself smiling a VERY cute smile.  🙂 😉 🙂 😉

What I Did This Weekend

This weekend I went to ” Saint Augistine “.  We went to the ” Fountain Of Youth “.  I got to find out how the  Tummacans ( Native Americans ) lived.  I got to see their huts, I got to even do their chores!  I grounded corn to make grits, and cornmeal.  I learned how the Spanish invaded the Tummacans and told them that they had to follow their rules, or ” off with your heads “.  I got to see peacocks, watch a cannonball get shot, climb a tree that was bent almost all the way to the ground, and even see jellyfish in a river!!!!  I was even standing on the ground where the only christen tummacan was buried in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I also watched some of the Winter Olympics.  I got new shoes, went bungee jumping, got new socks, and even got to hold baby Noah.A.O!!!!!!



P.S. I went to ” Caps On The Water ” the restaurant, for dinner last night.

I am a lucky person because…………………………………………………

I am a lucky person because I have a little sister, Maytal.  I LOVE Maytal!!!!!!!!!  I am lucky because I will always have a friend around when I am sad.  Maytal and I like to make up games to play, so on Shabbat, when are parents are sleeping ( so we can’t go outside ) we have A LOT of games to play.  I also teach her how to make bracelets on ” Rainbow Loom “.  I am also lucky because I have a good family, a good house, good food and good water.  I have clothes, good friends, and having parents who have enough money to take us on vacation.  I am lucky to always have my BEST friend with me ( Maytal ), to be able to go to school, to live in a country were we can practice any religion we want, to have a car and a house close to synagogue/school.  I am lucky to have good doctors and alergists.  I am lucky that my parents have good work and get good pay.  I am lucky that I have loving parents and grandparents.  I am lucky that I am healthy and not sick.  I am also lucky because I get good grades and good books to read.  I am also lucky because I am fortunate enough to have an Ipod and Ipad, and be able to play soccer and flagfootball and I will try not to ask for stuff that I don’t need.


I AM VERY LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I Am A Smart Person

imageI am a smart person because I am very, very, very GOOD at math.  I can do very hard problems.  Here one example : six divided eight hundred, seventy two ( answer ) one hundred, forty five.  I like long division the best out of every single type of math I have learned so far.  I know my times tables ( one through twelve ) by heart.  I am also a VERY good reader.  I am on a Sixth Grade level ( in Third Grade ) in A.R. ( Accelerated Reader ) at my school.  I have been reading since I was three.  If you do not believe me my Mom has proof.

Really, Really, Really Cute Piglet


“Pig.” (Blackbirch Press Photo Bank) The Blackbirch Kid’s Almanac of Geography.Blackbirch Press, 2000.   Reproduced in Kids InfoBits.  Detroit:  Gale, 2014.   http://galenet.galegroup.com/servlet/KidsInfoBits

Document Number:  BX2210033582
I think that this is a very cute piggy!  When I look at it, it reminds me of ” Wilbur ” the pig in “Charlottes Web “.


My Book About Pomegranate Trees


Last year in, Kitah Bet ( Second Grade ), we were writing books about trees, in honer of Tu B’Shvat.  I got assigned the Pomegranate Tree.  I had to do research about it.  This video features me reading my book ( in Hebrew ).

100 Butlers, Maids, and Mansions

I want 100 mansions, Butlers, and Maids!I would have 15 mansions in Australia, 15 mansions in South America, 14 mansions in Africa, 14 mansions in Asia, 14 mansions in Europe, 14 mansions in  Antarctica, and 14 mansions in North America.  I would have 15 Butlers and Maids in Australia and in South America, and 14 Butlers and Maids in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, and North America.  I would live with my sister, Maytal, but not with my parents.  All of the mansions would be different, creative.  Maytal and I would get to do whatever we wanted to do.  We would be soooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. I did 100 divided by 7 to find out the total of mansions.


P.P.S. I would open up my other 99 houses to homeless people, but when Maytal and I got to one house, so the homeless people would have to leave until we left.


P.P.P.S. We would visit our parents when we are in the place were they live.

Sheela Chari

I made up a Haiku Poem for Sheela Chari.  Sheela Chari rocks!  She wrote a book called ” Vanished “.  She plays the Veena.  That is my Haiku Poem.  Here is a link to her website:  sheela.  In ”  Vanished ” a young Indian American girl, Neela, loses her grandmother’s veena.  She tries to find it.  The new girl, Lin mysteriously knows a lot about veenas.  When Lin suddenly shows up at the exact moment Neela brakes the tea kettle, she instantly becomes one of Neela’s suspects.  When Neela follows Lin to the library, where Lin is researching a veena player( who died ) Neela gets even more curious.  Read the book to find out more!image

Two Haiku Poems

imageThe rules of Haiku poems are: 3 lines 5 syllables first line, 7 syllables second line, 5 syllables third line, try not to repeat words.image


Butterflies are cute.  I like Monarch Butterflies.  They are colorful.


I have an Ipad.  It is an electronic.  It is very cool!


Thank You for the picture Saylor!