One example of tzedakah is to give money.  You can cook food and give it to shelters, and they will give it to homeless people.  Tzedakah is not just for people, it is also for animals ( you can donate money to animal shelters to pay for the food for the animals ), you can plant trees ( giving people more oxegine helps people breath fresh air ).  You can also donate clothes and blankets to shelters to give to people who don’ t have enough money

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  1. Elli,
    Tzedakah is a great thing to do. There are even more ways that you didn’t write about. One way is recycling. Recycling is almost giving tzedakah to the environment. At my house if I throw away a yogurt cup and then my dad comes in, he will ask who threw it away. Then, he will stick his hand into the garbage and get it out. Next, he will rinse it off to put it in recycling. Some weeks, we have so much recycling that we have to put some in our neighbors recycling. Do you recycle? Can you think of some other ideas for tzedakah?

  2. Hi Elli,

    You had some good ideas for tzedakah. I think a lot of people only think of tzedakah as money.

    You are a very thoughtful and caring person.

    Love to infinity and beyond,
    Bubbie xoxoxo

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