One example of tzedakah is to give money.  You can cook food and give it to shelters, and they will give it to homeless people.  Tzedakah is not just for people, it is also for animals ( you can donate money to animal shelters to pay for the food for the animals ), you can plant trees ( giving people more oxegine helps people breath fresh air ).  You can also donate clothes and blankets to shelters to give to people who don’ t have enough money

Super Fudge Summary

imageIn the book ” Super Fudge ” ( by Judy Blume ), Peter and his family move to Princeton for a year. I have moved three times. I was born in New York (where Peter and his family live), I lived there for two weeks. Then I moved to Las Vegas. I lived there for five years, so you would basically say I am from Las Vegas.  Later I moved to Jacksonville (where I live now). I have lived here for about four years. In the book Peter also has to go through with having another baby. The baby is a girl. I have an AWESOME little sister, Maytal.

Think Win-Win

To me Think Win-Win is when people are not excluded and are included. To me everyone can play, an example of Think Win-Win is two kids playing on the playground and another kid walks up and asks if they can play and the two kid’s answer is Yes, that is including. Here is another example, two siblings are swimming and thier neighbor walks up and asks if  she can swim to and they say no, that is excluding.

Books I Like

imageI like adventure books. Some of the adventure books I like are “InkDeath”, “Dragon Rider”, ” Igran The Brave”. I also like the books “Violet Raines Almost Got Struck By Lightening”, “Shiloh”, “The Familiars”, and much, much, MUCH more. I also like “The Bully Coach”, “The Winning Stroke”, “That’s Snow Problem”, “The Case Of The Missing China Doll”. I also like the”Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” series, the “Captain Under Pants” series, and the”Secret” series.


Those are some of the books I like to read.

Tu Bishvat

imageimageTu Bishvat is the birthday of the trees. Today in honor of Tu Bishvat we ate lunch outside. We had an extra art class. We drew trees. We drew with different perspectives. We drew with special chalk, called Vine’s Chalk. We had extra recess, to be outside with the trees. אנחנו גם אוכלים פירות מישבעת המינים

אנחנו לומדים על טו בשבט בחוברת טו בשבט

אנחנו שתלנו שתילים לפסח

My Fantasy Animal

My fantasy animal is a pink tiger front and a black horse back. I would keep it as a pet. It would have to eat chocolate fudge brownies, carrots, and turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy with hot chocolate for a drink. It wouldn’t shed and it  like to cuddle with me. I would take it for walks, and while we walk we will look at nature. We would LOVE each other so so so so much!!!! 🙂 😉


That is my fantasy animal.


P.S. It is a small tiger horse.


P.P.S Her name is Cutie