My Favorite Parasha In חומש בראשית

imageimage.בחומש בראשית אני אוהבת את פרשת חיי שרה כי בתמונה אני עוזרת לאביה

.הסמל הפרשה כד מים כי רבקה נותנת מים לעבד של אברם והגמלים

.השם של העבד אליעזר


The Most Special Thing To Me Is…

The most special things in the world is a picture of me and my Grandpa and the doll he gave who I named Snowy. The reason they are special to me is because the Grandpa who gave them to me died. He has a plaque (stone honoring him) at the Martin.J.Gottlieb.Day.School in Jacksonville Florida. His name was Michael,מיכאל. I am naming my children after him. Michelle,מיכל for a girl, and Mica,מיכה for a boy. I love him so much!


Israeli Dancers

Today israeli dancers came to our school to perform for us. One boy looked like he was 8, but he was really 11. One of the girl’s name is מיכל. I wonder if any of the girls names are אליענה כי הזשם שלי אליענה. I can do everything they did, and I am telling the truth. I loved their costumes and performance. The youngest is 11 and the oldest is 16. One of the helpers was Mr. Sussman’s Mom and another one of the helpers was Mr. Sussman’s twin אח. They look nothing alike! They are not identical twins!


Question: Who are these people? Where are they? What are they doing?

Answer: These people are at Sea World. They are watching the Shammo Show. The girl’s name is Alison and the boy’s name is Jackson. Alison is taking pictures of Oreo the black white shammo slap her tail on the water. During the show Oreo suddenly stops. She stopped because she just had babys! One baby boy and one baby girl. They named the boy Ori and the girl Olivia because they are both black and white like their mother.