Looking Forward To Hannukah

I am looking forward to Hannukah because my Grandma and Great Aunt Donna are coming. I got a car that goes with my American Girl Doll Julie. I got her patchwork outfit also. I got a Hannukah set for her and I got a gymnastics set and leotard for her. Those are some of the presents I am getting for Hannukah. Hannukah will be on Thanksgiving this year. That only happens every few HUNDRED years!


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  1. Dear Elli,
    I’ll bet you are really looking forward to seeing your Grandma & Great Aunt for Hanukkah. I’m sure they are looking forward to seeing you too. I have a question about Julie – your American Girl Doll: What time period is she from? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be growing up during her time? If Julie had a blog, I wonder what kinds of posts she might write…
    -Mr. Carpenter

  2. Elli,
    If Julie had a blog, I think she would post about how cool her mom is. That’s you, Elli!! What other cool outfits does she have? I like how you and Julie wore the same pjs on the day of the box top party.


  3. Dear Eliana Dorit,

    It will be my turn soon to visit you. My Hanukah presents will be late, but I think you will like them just the same. I can’t wait to hug you.

    Love to infinity and beyond,
    Bubbie xoxoxoxoxo

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