image This is a vendiagram of Thanksgivikah. I am making this post with my Grandma. Hanukkah and Thanksgiving only fall on the same day every 70,000 years. We are soooo lucky! Our children and their children will not be alive the next Thanksgivikah. You can use Hannukkah cookie cutters to shape mashed potatoes and latkes.

Looking Forward To Hannukah

I am looking forward to Hannukah because my Grandma and Great Aunt Donna are coming. I got a car that goes with my American Girl Doll Julie. I got her patchwork outfit also. I got a Hannukah set for her and I got a gymnastics set and leotard for her. Those are some of the presents I am getting for Hannukah. Hannukah will be on Thanksgiving this year. That only happens every few HUNDRED years!


In The Morning When I Don’t Have School I……….

When I don’t have school I like to watch TV. I watch Disney Channel, On Demand, Hub, Family Game Night, and more. In the morning when I am at Camp Rammah Darom I pray and then I eat breakfast. At Camp Rammah there is something called Camp Time. Here is an example of Camp Time at  8 o’clock Camp Time is 7 or 6 o’clock here. They want you to get up early so you have more time for activities.(: (;