My Toucan

imageA toucan lives in the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is endangered and has a lot of endangered species in it also. The Amazon Rainforest is endangered because people are cutting down it’s trees also known as the toucan’s home. The toucan I made is pink, purple, and orange. It has blue eyes. There are a lot of leaves near my toucan. I love my toucan! Toucans are awesome!



A good way to show a friend you care about them is by playing with them. I love my friends! My BFFS are Emily T, Saylor S, Daisy H, Ava J, Eliana J, Anna F, Eliza R, and myself. I play with my friends on the weekends. Anna thought me how to make bracelets on Rainbow Loom. We help each other. BFFS ROCK!

Talking Pet

If I had a pet that could talk, I think it would say I have a nice family. I would love to have a pet! If I had a pet I would ask it to sleep in my bed with me. I would name it Shannon. I would want to have a puppy. Puppys are soooo cute. Unfortunately I am allergic to dogs and cats if they lick me.



P.S. I love PUPPYS!


I sit in Africa in class. I had to pick a country in Africa to study. I picked Kenya. The people in Kenya eat kale, cabbage, spinach, beans, potatoes, beef, fish, chicken, and mutton. The capitol of Kenya is Nairobi. The currant president of Kenya is Uhru Kenyatta. Kenya is in the east of Africa and on the Equator. The culture name for Kenya is Kenyan. Some of the languages of Kenya are Swahili and English. Some of the animals in Kenya are lions, zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, baboons, buffaloes, antelopes, wolves, sheep, tortie, snakes, hippos, and birds.



Listening To Music

I enjoy listening to music because I can dance to music. I LOVE to dance! It is SO much fun to dance. I have dance team practice every week on Wednesday. Wednesday is the day of running club. I want to do running club more than anything.



You might be surprised to know that I am going on a Royal Carribian Cruise. I am going on the Cruise with my Mommy, my Daddy, my sister Maytal, my Grandma, and Me. I might get my hair braided. My Grandma is paying for Me, Maytal, my Mommy, my Daddy, and herself. I went on a Disney Cruise with my Grandad and my Grandmom.






Our Skypportunity

We skyped with a girl named Marni yesterday. Marni lives in NYC (New York City). Marni is a Digital Marketer. Digital Marketers help bands advertise so the bands hits can sell. Marni owns the business. Marni works in a BIG office. We skyped with Marni for 27 minutes and 7 seconds. Here are some of the questions we asked Marni1. ┬áDo you work with songwriters? 2. Do you work with apple products? 3. Is your business an internet compony?4. Do you work with kids?5. Are you an advertiser? (We were trying to figure out Marni’s job.)All of the questions are right exept number four. We are going to skyp with Ms. Shannon tomorrow.