Youngest Person I Know

The youngest person I know is Richmond. Richmond is Mr.C’s son. There is a picture of Richmond on Mr.C’s computer. Richmond’s sisters names are Zoe and Tegan. Richmond’s mom is Emily. Mr. C is my teacher. He teaches Third Grade. He worked at a circus before. He walked on stilts at school before. He is very very very FUNNY!

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  1. Eliana,
    I heard some buzz about this blog post and just had to come read it!
    I love that you wrote about Richmond! He is pretty young, that’s true… He is 5 months old. I bet he would sound older in days. Let me know if you figure out how many days old he is!
    What a great blog!
    Ms. Emily

  2. Dear Eliana,
    Thanks for writing about my family on your blog. Isn’t it good that we get to learn about one another’s families at our school? I think you are funny too. When you write in your journal, you often come up with funny and interesting thoughts and ideas. Will you share some of your creative ideas (there are so many in your journal entries) on your blog sometimes? I know your readers will appreciate it.
    -Mr Carpenter

  3. My Eliana Dorit,

    The youngest people I know are the twin grandchildren of my friends, Marsha and Barry. They are their fourth and fifth grandchildren. The oldest is Mia Donna. A minute later Max Bentley was born. I guess that makes Max the youngest person I know. Poppy and I went to Max’s briss and Mia’s baby naming. Both of them are so adorable.

    I remember when you were born. You made me a grandmother. I LOVE being your Bubbie.

    Love to infinity and beyond,
    Bubbie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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